On Writing Gender Neutral Characters

Let’s talk about about gender neutral characters. These characters are, if done correctly, amazing, as they allow virtually all sexualities to partake in fat erotica. However, writing-in these characters seems complicated, as one has to make such a character both male and female, essentially. So, beyond the obvious stuff, like pronouns, what should a writer do to make gender neutral characters work in fat erotica? Obviously, I’m mostly concerned with erotic imagery here.


well, when it comes to weight gain specifically, I’ve found that it’s easiest to focus on the belly, butt, thighs, and face area. you can fill in the blanks for chests, and you don’t even have to mention the groin unless you are getting into sexy times.
alternatively, you can make very general statements on the chest, merely describing it getting larger without great detail.

when it comes to erotic stuff, you can always describe feelings and sensations outside of the sexual regions: sensual touching and groping, cuddling and hugging, grabbing certain fatty spots like love handles, butts, thighs, etc.
you don’t have to go straight to the peen and vagoo to be horny, sometimes some real touchy snuggling does the trick~

and then there’s general tropes: lip biting, kissing, spooning; just doing it around a fat character. think about how being fat would affect doing any of the actions you want to write about, and describe them one by one. a personal favorite is hugging and grabbing onto fat characters; it’s fun to describe someone hugging up against a pudgy or stuffed belly, and picturing how they would squish into it, move it around, etc.

and the magic here is that none of that needs genitals or boobers to work. anyone can grab a butt, or kiss a belly, or squeeze some thigh chub~


It is like winning the lottery when someone does it right, you have to either make the character in question not gain or the out right feeder for doing it right, best example i can think of is the first SFOAS did it well because it was about the girls, not about the main character. While, funny enough, the creators first game Super Fatty RPG is an example of doing this poorly, because at the end of the day, there are fundamental differences between female and male gains, since, on a biological level, men and women are different in physiology, it is honestly advisable to just bite the bullet and declare a sex for the character, since similar to people trying to subvert power fantasy, it is a lot easier to fuck up than if you just do the normal thing. But that is just my opinion


I was often “forced” to endure either being waaay more open to the idea of being penetrated than I would be otherwise, or started touching bits that should not be big enough to be called what they were at the weight of “slightly chubby”

I usually hope for comprehensive black and whitelists for certain actions and attractions or the option to say “no” on the spot while being completely aware of what that choice entails.