Once a frequent visitor, now a new resident~!

Been viewing these forums off-and-on for a while now courtesy of my interest in all things big, especially games centering around such niche interests, and weight gain is but one of three such “big” interests that I thoroughly enjoy~
3D content is what entices me the most though, and that’s been a constant for me ever since I first played Myst on my dad’s old Macintosh II as a kid. Something about CGI and 3D modelling just really gets my brain juices going and I’m not 100% sure why but I don’t care 'cus IT’S RAD AS HECK!!
Aside from that, I’m just a gay-as-heck dude who likes to pretend he’s a big fluffy animal man on the internet sometimes, as well as being a competent writer and a terribly out-of-practice performance artist with strength in vocals and guitars. Much as I dream to work on a project here some day or even start my own I can only really offer thoughts, ideas, and my typing/writing skills. Now, time to figure out what I did with my leftovers from dinner last night…


Welcome @Wolfram-Koga to weight gaming. If your a lover of big it seems you’ll be in good company. There are definitely projects around that will always welcome writers and those looking to help out.

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hi wolfram-Koga glad you are here

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