One month of Blob Nebula: weight gain roleplay in space

It’s been more than a month since I made Blob Nebula, a weight gain roleplay discord server set in a mysterious nebula where spacers always seem to be getting fat. The community here has grown fast since the beginning of November, and we now have more than 10 roleplay channels in use, not counting the spaceport where anyone can drop in to RP casually, or the VR rooms where players can do semi-canon roleplay during other RPs.

We had a big party for New Years where a lot of players gathered on a luxury space yatch to watch a dying star and celebrate (and take advantage of the free dining. And show off their fat bodies at the pool). We’re definitely going to have more of these events in the future, and we’d like as many players as possible here to enjoy them!


I’m really glad I joined this Discord. Everybody’s nice and creating your own character is really fun. I had a blast going on a role play adventure with some people. They weren’t controlling of the story either which was very good

it’s a pretty neat place if you’re looking for a good RP server, and the rules for RPing “missions” are interesting. outside of the “canon” stuff, there’s lots of ways to just hang out with other players and get in group, one on ones, and more casual RP scenarios!

i am curious but also not sure, i am really conflicted about this system i might give it one mission try out just to see how the game holds up

the cool thing is that it’s more of a set of general rules anyone can adapt, and you can choose to do a mission or just casually RP.

I’ve been in a few casual stories, and now I’m making my way into actual GM’d missions, mostly done off the cuff. it’s even encouraged to start a mission yourself, if you’re confident enough to GM the important parts of a mission!

Welcome to all the new players who’ve joined since we posted this! Hope you like it here!