One Piece WG Text Adventure

Hey, so this’ll be the first game I post on this site, after playing tons of other text adventures I thought I’d give it a try, currently the project is in alpha. I intend on having you play as either Robin or Nami, maybe add some more playable characters down the line like Pudding, Carrot, or Hancock. I also intend on doing a lot of community polls and just general discussions here.

Things to expect

  • Revisit One Piece locations
  • Lengthy Story
  • Stuffing
  • Weight Gain (Of Course)
  • Wear any iconic Robin/Nami outfits of your choice
  • Detailed Descriptions

What do you guys think of the idea? Let me know down below what you’d like to see!

The first story demo can be found here!


This poll will come to a close in two weeks!


i bet there ain’t other kink relate like pregnancy or force feed

anyone else able to get into the survey? it seems broken to me.

Now I’m not sure about pregnancy this early but I can assure you force-feeding will be involved.

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ok checking because i have bad idea that either girl got pregnant from break relic. first experience weight gain to point they become fat or chubby then feel kicking

Still happily waiting for next update also i thought adding hina to the list of characters or viola would be cool

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If the Whole Cake Island arc ended without Nami gaining a single pound, then I’m out of both the Text Adventure and the One Piece fanbase.

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