Only fans as Patreon alternative

Has anyone thought of or currently are using Only fans as an alternative to Patreon for their games (like for early access). I know it’s not quite what it’s used for but the subscription model is basically the same and with what happened to Patreon’s new TOS update against WG-related content it seems like it could be a good (albiet uncomfortable) alternative. Does anyone see any reason why it wouldn’t be because I don’t.

I know people are saying the games are safe but I’m not taking that chance on a grey area.

One thing that comes to mind. There are plenty of people out there that hide their interest or consumption of fetish content in general. Parents, family, spouses, roommates, friends, don’t know about someone’s interests. And people sometimes share accounts, money, transactions records, etc with these same people. It’s a lot easier to explain a patreon charge, which is a “normal” creator platform than it is to explain something that has the immediate association with being a platform for sex work, nsfw and related content. Regardless if public perception and association differ from the reality.