[Open] Mysterious Burger Potential bug

Hi! During the game I was in the tower trying to hoard mysterious burgers. I collected about 30 or so and decided to start gorging my character. What was odd was that the more burgers I ate, the more weight they made me gain. During the first few burgers or so I was only gaining a third of a pound when I ate them (not including digestion of course). During the 6th or so burger, they started adding one pound each. During the 15th burger or so they started adding 2-3 pounds each and during burger 19 and beyond they started adding 5-6 pounds each. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I thought that I should mention it.

I think it takes a little while to digest things and so the burgers add weight over time? If you gobble down thirty of them, in the middle there you have thirty burgers each adding 1/3 of a pound for many turns, for 20-30 pounds per action?

I guess that makes sense. I didn’t anticipate it however since I de-enchanted my armor at the beginning.

I checked out the code to digest items, and what’s happening is each character has a list of items they’ve eaten but not fully digested yet. Every tick the character will digest a number of calories equal to their digestion rate stat from each item in the consumed foods list, and its cumulatively added to the character’s weight. This wasn’t what I originally intended, as I was planning to combine all of the eaten food into one big pool of calories and just subtract the character’s digestion rate from the pool and turn that into fat every tick. So while it is a bug if we’re going off of how I initially intended the digestion system to work, I don’t really see the point in fixing it since it’ll just slow digestion down to a crawl until there’s a way to greatly increase a character’s digestion rate (there doesn’t exist any way to increase that stat at the moment).