Orbital Zine Issue 2 Call for Submissions

Hi all,

Last year, a few members of the gaining and encouraging community put together a digital zine aiming to highlight art, fiction, personal stories, history, fashion, advice, recipes, and activism all celebrating fat and those who orbit it. The name “Orbital” captures our shared attraction to mass, the pull of bodies towards each other, and how size increases the strength of that pull. It speaks to local systems based on mutual attraction. But it also describes how even bigger galaxies take shape, in which we orbit around others with similar fascinations with bigness, size, and fat.

Issue 1 launched last fall and focused on the theme of ‘Firsts’. Tonight we opened the call for Issue 2 which is focused on the theme of 'Play" - in the lead up to this launch we’ve discussed our admiration for the Weight Gaming community several times and would specifically be interested in any submissions about the experience of creating games related to these topics. This could take the form of a short reflection about what that process is like, a poem about what excites you about creating shared games, or an ode to favorite games that are now defunct.

If you’re interested in learning more about the zine, reading issue one (available on desktop or mobile layout), or learning more about how to submit, check out our website at https://www.orbitalzine.com/. I’m also happy to answer any questions here


I was planned to make own zine long time ago about alien race zefussian, my worldbuilding project, I’m still not sure what I should put into first issue of zefus zine.