Orc Encampment (Early WIP)

Heya! Excited to show the progress on a little side project I’ve been working on. The running title at the moment is “Orc Encampment” since well… that’s where it takes place. Hopefully I can come up with something more creative down the line.

At the moment I have the core mechanics in place so I’ll be fleshing things out from here, but you can get an outline of what I’m working on below.


You are are in the running to become the leader of your orc encampment but to prove you can care for the entire tribe you must first prove that you can care for the future tribal queen. To do this you must gather food and fatten up your queen to be!

If/when you do become the tribal leader, will that be it? Probably not, surely there’s other tribes out there that need fattening leading!


-Weight gain mechanics: There is a little background math involved in the weight gain calculations! Your feedee will gain different weight amounts at different times of the day. Have the ingredients for a super fattening meal? Save it for that evening to get a bonus multiplier!

-Cooking system: You must gather the ingredients via hunting, trading, gathering and so on. You can then use these ingredients to cook the meals for your feedee. Right now you choose your base (water, broth, lard, and more as I think of them) then you add in a protein option and a flavoring option. Different ingredients have different qualities and gain values. You get to figure out what mixes well to create the most calorie packed meal.

-Mini games: Gathering your supplies isn’t done with just a “Click to forage” button. Supplies are obtained through mini games to keep things fun and interesting. There are plans for a fishing and hunting game at the moment. As I come up with more ingredients I will try to match an appropriate mini game to it.


Please keep in mind all the UI is using base unity assets. Everything else is very much subject to change since this is still early in development! The environment has barely been touched too… there isn’t even a sky yet!

Cooking Preview…

Here is a small preview of the cooking system. As it stands now when you cook a dish it will take the items out of your inventory then the weight is added to the feedee. At the end of the day her gain calculations are ran and the overall weight is updated from there. The plan is to have the food crafting system create new items so you can stock up and feed them at later times. That panel at the top left is my cheat console that lets me add items as I wish. It will not be there in public builds. Also as stated earlier, UI is barebones. There will actually be art involved later lol. The plan is for the view to be of a table with little utensils and stuff strewn about.


First and foremost the character art is not mine. The artist is nihijack, I’d recommend checking them out, they have some great stuff. I yoinked a WG sequence for a placeholder but I will be commissioning art of the characters once I find an artist that I like and is interested in the project. The style will be the same though. 3D world, 2D characters. I’m working on assets for tents, tables, and so on to actually take up the world. There will be a central hub and from there you choose to go to different activities using the navigation menu at the bottom. There will be no walking around or movement mechanics, it’s all static scenes that you bounce between.

Hopeful features

Everything here is not yet implemented but it is what I would like to add in as I go. If it is listed here that doesn’t mean it will be added in, just a Wishlist of things I am working towards.

-Stories for side characters. The other orcs in your camp will grow too, but I would like to have actual stories, backgrounds, and quests to go along with them. This is dependent on me building out my dialogue system beyond the simple linear story setup I have now.

-An even more in depth feeding system. At the moment it is just what you feed is what is calculated at the end of the day. My plan is to add in stomach capacity and hunger levels. This will prevent player from just gut bombing the feedee at night for a maximum multiplier. I’m just being careful about this since I don’t want players to need spreadsheets and graphs to min-max gaining potential.

-Camp management. I think it would be neat to be able to send out troops on raids and other orcish things. Recruit troops, keep them fed, send them out on missions for possible loot rewards! This one is heavily dependent on how much it distracts from the core gameplay. At most it’d be a gamble system for bonus ingredients and money. Then there’s the possibility of like an assistant. Have your assistant-to-the-regional-chief feed in your stead while you’re doing other things.

-Character customization and gaining. I’m a sucker for character customization, so I’d love to have even a basic system in place. From there hopefully I can have the player gain as sort of an end game thing. This one is just dependent on finding an artist and their prices. If I still have some shekels left over after commissioning the main characters art, I’ll get this added in.

That’s about it for now. Once I get the food creation system in place and character art that I actually have rights to then I will start releasing little demos here and there as well as ask for feature feedback. Till then I will try to keep this thread updated with any major progress I make.


So knowing where the image came from, and how big the sequence ends up becoming, is it accurate to assume that the final sizes will go full blob?

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Oh man this looks like it has amazing potential. Someone summon the person with that one image


Great interest



Lol I appreciate it! I’ll try to keep the thread updated as I make progress.

It wouldn’t be a real project thread without the image!


This looks like an amazing idea!!! =D
The game will probably be awesome! :>


Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Time for a little preview on what I’ve worked on!

  1. Reworked weight gain.
    -Added a multiplier for potion uses (to be added in later).
    -Added weight loss if not fed a % of total weight.
    -Fixed a bug that’d let character gain if they didn’t eat anything.

  2. Worked on world
    -Added lake for fishing
    -Adjusted environment conditions so wind isn’t going crazy
    -There’s a skybox now! I need to work on clouds and day/night cycles.

  3. Added fishing game
    -Go to the lake and talk to the orc at the pier to start fishing (no art yet). Once you cast your line then after a random amount of time you will get a bite. A reel in prompt will appear in a random location on your screen, find and click it within 3 seconds to start the mini game (time may be adjusted based on feedback). Spam LMB to reel in, but when the fish starts fighting, don’t click anything otherwise this will lower the reel in percentage. Once you fully reel the fish in you will have a fish added to your inventory… well right now it adds boar meat since I haven’t created the fish cooking material yet.

I need to add in visuals for how close you are to reeling in the fish as well as sounds and the fishing orc. At the moment there is like zero feedback on how the fishing is going other than the text at the top. The plan for the fishing orc is to have you give her fish. As she levels up (gains weight) she will gift you fish in return. The higher the level, the more fish you get. Here are some screenshots of the lake view so far.

Lake screenshots

Again, this is rather early in development so UI is barebones and all that jazz. Things are subject to change and I will definitely make things easier on the eyes as I get closer to public builds.

I think next I will start working on a hunting mini game and a shop. After that I will knock out some environmental art. I think once I get those two done I will chip away at the story some more and that will bring me close to the first public build.

If you have any questions about what I have done so far I’m more than happy to answer them and elaborate on systems. Anyways, thanks for the interest in the project and I’m excited to bring more updates to y’all!