Osberan Truth - 0.1 build [8/30/21]

Edit: So apparently I’m going ahead with this project. I’ve released version 0.1, which contains the story up to the point at which you’ve acquired all the party members, which is just before the climax of what I would call the ‘introductory arc’. There’s not a -ton- of kink content in this part of the story (there’s some, just not a ton) because I’m establishing setting, characters, and relationships and getting the story rolling. My next goal, after finishing off the introductory arc, is to flesh out the rest of the map, creating areas for all those points of interest you can see but can’t go to yet, and filling out the areas you -can- go to with people to interact with and stuff to do.

Encounter balance is basically non-existent at this point; the party is probably way too strong. Tweaking the balance of enemies and party to hit a point that seems fun and action-packed but not too easy will come with time, as will filling out the roster of enemies.

Please look out for bugs or errors and let me know about them. I gave the game a playthrough to make sure it could be completed, but I wasn’t looking too closely. Each character currently has two skill categories that don’t have anything in them right now; Eating, as well as either Fat, Muscle (for Valdeth) or Inflation (for Nef). They don’t do anything at the moment, consider them placeholders for further down the line when I figure out how to get my body mass system working properly.

I hope you enjoy this look into the beginning of the game!


As a quick rundown of the party composition, because I’m still hammering out where each of these characters would be introduced and how they would meld into the story if I do decide to continue working on this:

A Sanguine Hunter, a monster hunter imbued with Vampiric abilities along with powerful blood magic that lets her use her HP as a resource in combat.

Qalyra Tellurne
A High Elf Lipomancer studying the arcane arts, she serves as the party’s magical damage dealer with some disabling spells to go along with.

Lacisse Noxia
A cleric of Letidýra, Lacisse introduces the majority of the Slob/Gas content in the game, and serves as one of two primary healer options.

Shani Dragonheart
A squire inductee to the Knights of the Steel Harvest, Shani is the defensive tank with powerful protective buffs, and plenty of healing if Lacisse isn’t your speed.

Valdeth Stonebeard
A Dwarven (not that I can show that in the pixel art by myself) martial artist on a journey to harness the power of the Myo-Oni techniques. Brutal smackdown with aggressive DPS.

An Orcish Dark Knight with potent hypnotic powers, Gashkar is the other tank of the party with effective disabling abilities to hinder enemy groups.

Zazzy Sparkblaster
A Goblin (again, no pixel art skills to make her short) Siege Master, Zazzy is all about big guns, big booms, and big damage.

An Elven Essence Thief, able to steal attributes from her enemies to debuff them and strengthen herself, Nef is the assassin of the group and something of a trickster in her own right.

All the party members are female, though there are definitely male-presenting characters in the story that will be interacting with the kink content. I just have a strong femme preference, so that will be the majority of the work.


Can’t wait to see how this goes, actually.

Well first steps are gonna be to figure out at least the first 20 levels or so of skills for each character and then figure out how to translate at least a rough semblance of this map into an overworld map to facilitate
travel across the city.

Well I have to say this world you are making is going to be Rich and deep with story and ideas so I hope to see more of it.

Zazzy a cutie! Having a variable party is an interesting system in and of itself, like a Bioware RPG, different characters at different moments could really have an impact of dialog(and, if ambitious enough, though likely still low), and impact of events(at least in how they play out, if not effect the conclude).

Comin’ at ya with some fuckin’ uhhhhh…World map!

If anyone’s familiar with the 2004 RPG Custom Robo, I’m taking some heavy inspiration from that for the world map: The majority of the city is glossed over, and you travel via the overworld map to specific points of interest. As I add more, the makeup of the city might change as I replace the generic buildings with unique ones to mark new POIs.


This looks really interesting! Dominance and Gorek are adorable, I can’t wait to see more of them!

I want to at least get the story built along to the point where you’ve got all 8 party members before I release an early build for people to play around with. I’ve got 4 of the 7 beyond the protagonist mostly laid out now, just gotta do Gashkar, Zazzy, and Nef, and then I should be good to put out a testing build.

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Build 0.1 is here, with the majority of the introduction arc completed, with just the last few moments of rising action and then the climax left to go before we start to move on to the meat of the story. You’ll be introduced to all of the party members and get a vague idea of how they interact with each other in this build.


I realized I should probably also update the main post with new screens from the rest of the game, and here’s some extras for good measure.


Game has been very good. Been playing and and very much have been enjoying it.

About elemental resistances. Are those going to come back or not?

Also I know this is a very early build, but try to add small dialogue to objects. It keeps people interested longer. Also a great distracter from the main story at hand.

The stat page for the characters’ elemental resistances probably isn’t coming back, just because elemental resistances in the party makes encounter design even more complex than it already is when I have to say ‘okay so this character is resistant to these elements, so I should make sure I’m making monsters that either exploit the other elements to hurt them or specifically use those elements so the resistance pays off’ especially with an 8 man party and any number of potential squad builds. However, elemental resistances and weaknesses in certain monsters will definitely be a thing, to give Gwyar and everyone else with elemental abilities things to take advantage of.

Environmental object interactions will probably come into being around the same time I start putting together environments for the areas you don’t visit yet, which is to say; right after I finish the intro arc and the game has room to start spreading out.