Other Resident Evil Fat mods?

So far what I’ve know about RE games Fat Mods are Chubby Kinkster in RE2R and RE3R, Baronobeefdip’s Super sized Ashley and Ada in RE4R, Ceepert’s Fat Ashley in RE4R and Dedraz’s or ES47’s Redneck Rampage Claire.

I always want to see more Fat Mods in the RE Game especially RE2R, RE3R, RE8, RE5, RE6 and OG RE4 but not that much to do it unless you pay them to make one or request or even hoping that one favourite artist of yours try to make a fat mod for RE.

There’s been abandoned WIP of Fat Mods for RE Games everywhere, at least, from Solitary Scribbles which was a fat claire mod for RE2R but got abandoned because claire’s arm clipping and the only way to fix it through 3DS MAX which could edit RE Animation but it cost too much so Scribs decided to either abandoned it or keeping it after these 2 years, then someone else’s mod back in 2013 about fat Jill mod in OG RE3 but link is dead, in deviantart there’s a RE3 Demo only Fat Jill mod though it never get to the full game leaving it as an abandoned mod.

If any of you find about well “RE Fat Mods” I hope you can put it here, I kinda want it.

Edit: found a user who created this https://www.deviantart.com/jackd22/art/Superchunk-ada-commission-991568649