Other WG Games in this Vein?

Hello! I’ve been lurking for a fair bit, and I finally decided to post something, so sorry if anything isn’t where it should be, or I’m doing something wrong!
I recently purchased and played The Pirate’s Fate (https://store.steampowered.com/app/553480/The_Pirates_Fate/), and I very much enjoyed it! Additionally, within the past few months I’ve played A Piece of Cake (https://forum.weightgaming.com/t/a-piece-of-cake-cest-de-la-tarte-le-francais/), and it’s easily in my top tier of female WG games - shoutout to Jarlewski for creating a very, very nice alternate version of A Piece of Cake, as well! :smiley:
I think what sets these games apart from the rest for me is that they have innate senses of agency to them, since the player has a large degree of control over the games’ progressions. The (in my dumb opinion) very good writing, and very nice art in the case of The Pirate’s Fate, also really help, of course.
I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has any recommendations for games like these? Female WG-centric games with a fairly strong sense of player agency? I’m also posting this just to gush about how much I personally like these games as well. :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for reading my first of hopefully many ramblings on this site, enjoy your days everyone! <3


Perhaps a slight aside, but how would you rate Pirate’s Fate? I’ve been looking at it on steam, and have been debating picking it up.

And I know the person who did Pirate’s Fate has another project on the go, but I’ll have to check for its title later, once I get back to a computer.

If you’re looking at if for the WG, you’re better off passing it up. It’s not got a lot, and what’s there takes a while to actually get to.


Yeah I played it as a non-furry who just really wanted some WG, the content in that regard is pretty weak, there’s about 2 main scenes that scratch the WG itch and a few pieces of dialogue spread out here and there. The story itself was kind of meh, it was all over the place and while there was some good set up at points, it rarely went anywhere satisfying. I’d say look up a video that showcases the WG scenes and check out the creators deviant art page rather than buying the game, unless you want to support the dude


Pirate’s Fate is super worth picking up as for a general experience the fact that WG is there is honestly a bonus.

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I pretty much totally agree with BeatBito! The Pirate’s Fate, in my opinion, was quite the enjoyable experience as a general visual novel, and a few of the scenes were very cute and well executed in terms of WG. As a WG game, however, it falls a bit short.
A lot of the female characters’ transformations involve weight gain, even ones that seem more expansion-y; for example, the player character can transform into a more angelic version of herself if certain choices are picked, and there are 2-3 stages of the transformation that occur throughout the entire length of the game, and she gains bigger breasts, a larger butt, and a comparatively small amount of belly. But even though it seems a bit like hourglass expansion on the surface, the very nice art does a great job depicting that her features are soft and natural, making it more of a very hourglass-shaped weight gain instead, if that makes sense?
But I understand that most of the transformation fetishism content is exclusive to the scenes where the characters transform; the narrative tends to focus more on the social repercussions of their changes as opposed to the physical ones (I recall one stuckage scene and one mention of a character being out of breath/hungry, but that’s honestly about it). The best content fetish-wise I saw was having my player character become fat and romance another female character in the game who also had a fat transformation (for those who have played the game, it was the scene with fat Mila and fat Princess Morgana - the one with the cookies. I thought it was super cute, and, sorry to be so blunt, quite erotic as well!).
So all this rambling is to say that the game was suited very well to my tastes overall; I thought the writing was interesting, the story was serviceable if a bit scattershot at points, and the very nice artwork kept me invested fetish-wise. I do think that $20 is a bit steep, even if I personally feel that I got my money’s worth.


I quite enjoyed Pirate’s Fate. I’m not even remotely a furry fan, but I still enjoyed the storyline. I picked it up mainly for the weight gain content, and in that respect, as has been mentioned above, it does fall a little short, but overall, I wasn’t disappointed.

As for the price, I’m not sure it’s worth $20, but I picked it up on sale at around half that price. If you’re interested, I’d recommend perhaps waiting until it’s on sale again.