Overflow Issue with Mobile Ads

Making this post for an issue reported with mobile ads reported by @Skinny_Guy. @Skinny_Guy has reported that some ads on mobile are covering parts of posts. The following was the image sent to us.

Looks to be an issue with reactive ads on smaller phones. Will have to look into using a different ad unit to see if we can prevent the issue.


Thank you for looking into this issue, I appreciate it! And if it helps, the glitch doesn’t always happen, it will randomly trigger when I scroll down

We will see if we can duplicate it. Worst case we will look into using a fixed size at least for the top of topics.

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Oh so tough an add to do exercise

I’m seeing ads ( most of which are clearly targetted - not sure if that’s supposed to be the case or not?) on mobile, but not on the website. They do seem to slow the mobile site down quite a bit. Android phone - Samsung S10 if that helps.

Can Patrons get the mobile ads turned off? I’ve seen enough to know that they’re annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

We have fixed the banner mobile ads to the standard 300x50 mobile banner size. This should fix the overflow issue and make the ads on mobile less annoying.

@tiggertoo I’ve added you to the patreon group now as requested. Also I have personally not seen a major performance hit on my side (I’m on a s7) and our metrics are still showing stable but have noticed the site become less preformant a for few mins after changing the ad settings.

We will keep an eye out though and encourage anyone to let us know if they are experiencing any issues.