Overlord project sadly cancelled and refunds

You may be shocked to hear this so soon after we just put the trailer and all. However we set a mini donation goal in our plans for the first few days that it sadly didn’t reach. I know this is saddening maybe one day we’ll come back to it when there’s more interest but for now it will on permanent hiatus. I know this is sad that we didn’t even get this running but thank you for supporting us even it was for a short time. Now for anyone who donated or anyone who knows someone who donated you may refund it yourself though PayPal by going to charge and click refund or wait the thirty days for the funds to be automatically refunded to you.

Unfortunate, but it happens! Hope things will work out for everyone.

An admin note we will archive this project at the end of next month since it has been canceled.

That’s upsetting, and my donation went through after many days of sending it sorry 'bout that.

I think that this occurred as a result of consumers being overloaded with new content. The Konosuba project and the game jam have many people involved in funding myriad projects and Patreons for updates and games and the like. If it won’t result in large conflicts in the schedules of the creators involved in this project, I think it would be a great idea to try again in a month or two and see if you get a different response. Maybe be a little more aggressive in advertising as well. It would be a terrible waste to let the assets already created go to waste.

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I just want to clarify some things to prevent to much speculation from starting around this project. Before I start, I want to say is while we do not have permission to discuss the exact numbers, we do know how much was raised and what the target goals were.

Now I want to be clear, the reason this project was canceled was not due to a lack of donations. While some of the reasons listed by @StygianSkies may have prevented some users from donating; after review of how much they made in donations the project actually performed better than we would have expected. In our analysis, given how new the project was, the info around it, and the time frame we would have expected them to only make 50%-75% of what they actually raised over that 1-week period.

The root of the issue in our analysis was that the project itself set funding goals that were a bit too unrealistic for what we feel could have been reasonably expected from the community in such a short time frame. That being said they did budget around those goals so pulling the plug when they were not met was the correct call on their side. We just want to make sure that it is not mistaken that the cause for this is lack of community support when it was closer to some incorrect expectations.