Palworld Mods for player customization

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So! if one of you here on this site have seen the new Palworld game, i suppose most of us have seen the character design sliders. So i can determine we all have the same question:

Has Someone made or is trying to make fat character models for the sliders ingame? Or has anyone tried to make some “pleasing” character designs?


I made hunreds different body shapes for last 12 years and if you create a good game in 3d I will be able to create sliders with any body shape for you.
P.S. If you just have a question of how body slider work in Palword then there is just 3 different shape keys for male body mesh and female body mesh.


oh i’m not looking to request a comission, but rather say, what designs have people made with their characters and if any have tried modding the game already

the sliders are too basic to do much with them, your best bet is for a bottom heavy character, I am sure once the game matures and has some modding options things will be better, the game is a lot of fun though, yeah it rips off 5 different things and then some but it does it in a fun and interesting way, and provides a unique experience because of it.

well, at the least we can make characters with really thick thighs, that’s arguably the best thing


Oh, sorry, I misread that you mentioned modding. Well, as I can see with basic character skeleton animations it is impossible to create big body shape without huge clipping of arms with body. Even with basic body sliders in the game position of character arms don’t change at all when you move body sliders. Maybe developers will add more animations for bigger body shape later. Unfortunately I don’t know yet how to make mods on Unreal engine 5.1. games.
P.S. According to news developers of Palworld panning to add mods support later, so I guess currently there is no reason to waste time on investigation and we just need to wait.

Yeah, the devs are huge into modding and strongly encourage it, it’ll be interesting to see how expansive (/not expansive) it’ll end up being.

I haven’t tried modding yet (I haven’t learned how yet), but my character has the following:
0% Arms
50% Torso
100% Legs
So I’m just running around as a thiccc femboy having misadventures with my pals X3

^This screenshot is when I was playing around with the grapple gun and inadvertently got stuck on a rock. A simple back to main screen then back to game fixed it XP

In case someone interested: modding is exactly the same like for games on Unreal engine 4. You just use “Fmodel” tool instead of Unreal viewer to extract models from game archive and then create Unreal engine 5.1 project in Unreal with the same file structure for your custom models.