Palworld weight gain mods

So my fellow brothers and sisters how long before we get some mods for palword this website and its members have motivetid me to learn moding but not good to make some yet but ill be honest if coldsteel makes them i swear ill be on that like a glutton on a all you can eat diner! XD

also if there are allready out i would like some links or info on it.


The body can already get pretty big. Smoothing it out and making it look fat doesn’t Seem like it would be too difficult.

Not a Modder.

Imagine if they made it possible to get even bigger in game, along with weight gain mechanics.

Coldsteel mentioned Palworld in another thread, IIRC it was a soft “no” or a “not yet”.

Anyway yeah, game’s got promise due to being potentially a mod paradise; the devs fully endorse mods, and there’s even a few mods on Nexusmods, though nothing too crazy yet since the game’s so early in development.
I honestly think Pals would probably get lewd mods first, since furries have always been a lot quicker about that kind of thing, and a few Pals are considered sex icons already. Heck, the game’s “Delphox” straight-up wears black panties under the skirt.

Realtalk though, I’m mostly just hoping for a bugfix patch or two, then I’ll start crossing my fingers for mod devs to hop in and turn it into some kind of crazy modding scene. Bugfixing first, heh.
First base was set up too close to a cliff, and all the Pals kept falling down, getting stuck, and nearly starving. Second base was kept far from any cliffs or other major obstacles, but then all the Pals’ pathfinding just shut off and they all stood there spinning slowly like they’re looking around trying to find something to do.

I need some guide to start modding Palword, because currently I don’t even know how to extract models from game archive since it is Unreal engine 5.1 instead of Unreal engine 4.

I was able to get model swapping to work, though beyond that it is a bit difficult. From what I’ve seen it is possible to change how the sliders for the player character work but I’d need to do some more investigation.

Here some modding documentation Palworld Modding Kit | Palworld Modding Docs
Here a video I used to help with doing a model swap

Here the quick lil model swap I did


A fantastic start!

Are you able to differentiate between the sexes?

I think people are looking into modding it in but as of right now I don’t think it is possible.

Do you mean body sliders in this game is just a bone scaling instead of model shape keys?

From what I understand, it just a shape key (morph target in UE5) that controls it. They go into detail about how to change them here so I’ll probably take a crack at it later to see what all is needed. Also it appears that we can add some jiggle physics according to the documentation which is pretty rad

So, it is not “change how the sliders work” and just recreation of shape keys as I thought. I wonder how such lazy developers adapted their armor to those shape keys since in the game it doesn’t look like they make shape keys for each armor separately and used some one for all method. Adding physics looks exactly like for other games on UE 4, but I don’t understand why in guide they recommend to create animation to make tests when you can just use preview in UE5 by touching jiggle parts with your mouse. Anyway, thank you very much for guides. Now, the only problem is that ingame character animations don’t fit to fat character bodies since arms position is too close to body :frowning:

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