Pampered Heiress

An idea I just came up with here recently that I think would make a very good text adventure game.
It is as follows:

"Your father is nearly on his deathbed, and everyone knows it. Born into one of the wealthiest families in the galaxy, your father’s entrepreneurial empire had grown to be massively influential. Not willing to let you experience the same comparatively hard life he had, you’d been born with a silver spoon in your mouth from practically the beginning, turning you into a pampered, selfish, egotistical, lazy heiress, not to mention quite a penchant for gluttony only so far kept in check by the one person you do see as your equal: Your father, who you realize has a reputation to uphold that you don’t want to ruin.

However, with your mother so far out of the picture, having divorced with your father a long time ago, it’s obvious that while it seems you’ll be getting both the reigns of the family business, estate, and fortune, others see the blood in the water, and you won’t be the only one after all the money. It’ll be up to you to demonstrate that you’re not as shallow as others think, and take command of the situation, before someone goes behind your back and does it for you…"

So, obviously the idea is you’re a young (18-22) girl who’s quite self centered, to say the least, about to inherit a massive fortune. But not all is fine and dandy. Your gluttony will be taken off the leash, you’ll have more money than you know what to do with… provided you can navigate a new web of intrigue forming around you.


Sounds good, wish I could program in Twine, or Quest.

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Almost reminds me of a similar game on a certain website I can’t think of the name of where the player, as a princess or queen, has to navigate their own castle and possibly beyond, eating food and gaining weight in the process. The site, I think, had many games (mostly unrelated to weight gain) which displayed some kind of map, movement commands, or both that the player could either click the buttons of or just type the commands like “eat cookie” to make things happen, with some commands even allowing the player to progress.