paper rpg maker

why is there no weight gain game for paper rpg maker?


the Simplest answer i can think of is mainly because very little people use that program.
From what i have done myself it’s similar to RPG maker but uses it’s own system that takes some getting used to.

for some this difference throws people off, and while it is free if you’re planning on getting money out of it you need to pay a 1 time fee whereas with RPG maker you buy the program once and you can do whatever with it. (the main difference from RPG maker to Paper maker is mainly with paper maker you need to buy the fee if you want to do commercial games whereas with RPG maker not only is this already included once you buy it, it VERY often goes on sale)

while i see some advantages with Paper maker (2.5 styled games are certainly in semi-demand last time i checked) it requires learning a unique system that is still for all intends and purpose, a work in progress program.

and even if you plan to use custom assets you’re not just dealing with tiles and sprites. you’re also dealing with 3d objects, which a lot of people either don’t have the tools to make or don’t have the experience for it. (maybe even both)

Rpg maker is all 2d, which is way easier to make assets for than a 3d program. and not to mention from my testing, paper maker is harder to get the result you’d want as opposed to rpg maker. paper maker requires events to be set to a tile and will only trigger if you use the designated command button, or run/walk over it. it cannot currently be run similar to auto run and parallel processing like RPG maker does.

this and the adformentioned W.I.P state of the program itself, makes it not ideal to make games for as of now, maybe it’ll improve along the way. right now it isn’t accessible enough to get a big enough audience to create games for.


In my experience with it, RPG Paper Maker is too unfinished to be usable for much creatively. Last time I tried it, it had incomplete support for sprites bigger than the default ones (Which are small! About 16x16 IIRC)

This is a problem when you want to copy/resemble the average sprite sizes of a game like say… Paper Mario for the N64. So I can’t really see it going well for a wg or expansion focused game at all, being able to have large sprite sizes seems pretty important!

But it is a work in progress, so occasionally I redownload it to see if this has been fixed (or if it actually supported bigger sprites all along, has made it more clear how to use them) because it has a lot of potential.

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Sprite scaling? :: RPG Paper Maker General Discussions How big can the sprites be in Engine :: RPG Paper Maker General Discussions what about this?

That seems to fix the map sprite scaling, but not the character/event sprites. (Anyone feel free to correct me, I think it is very possible that I am simply wrong.)

The second link there has a developer comment but it implies to me they’re only addressing “textures” as referring to maps. (Either way that specific comment doesn’t seem to address how to apply it to characters)

It’s definitely useful, but it’s not quite the most important one.

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oh sorry i thought this would help

i once tried importing a sprite bigger than that (forgot which update it was) and it was compatible the same way it was in RPG maker.

i have been keeping an eye on it’s development for a while and while i haven’t touched it in ages, it is more complete than before, current being version 2.0.7 as of typing this. but still lacks enough QoL features to really go ham with it.

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What an amazing tool! (Someone could make a Paper Mario game with this)

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the sprites are to big

would be great if someone can code that in, as of now though it’s a more traditional RPG like battle structure similar to games like Final Fantasy. no action commands unless someone manages to program that in, the only selling point it has going for it right now is it being 2.5d, that being said though i know of another program i own that is more recent and also 2.5d though this one has a style similar to octopath traveler, RPGbakin. also currently in progress but will likely once it’s finished be more commonly used by higher end PC’s due to not only having more options than even paper maker has now (keep in mind bakin is still in early access right now) but also it has features most rpg maker like don’t even have (one example that comes to mind is a dedicated jump button)

and that’s not even mentioning RPG architect, which is like rpg maker but made by fans for fans, also has 2.5d and is being worked on constantly with requested features likely getting in as it gets more complete.

if you ask me those two versions have more options to develop games in than paper maker currently does. won’t be surprised if a paper mario like is more possible in either of those two than paper maker right now.