Pardon Me...

I hate to ask this, but are there any FNF mods besides the blueberry one made by former DA user ThatDudeVG and the one by FuriasSnusSnus? Preferably, like mutual weight gain/inflation/blueberry involving both BF and GF?

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Why do you hate to ask that? That’s what this forum is for. Also, I don’t think there are any others but someone else might know better than I do.


I don’t know any more fnf mods, but what’s the mod made by ThatDudeVG? I mean I tried to look for it but couldn’t find it, do you have a link?

@pauPRO It’s basically a clone of the game that he made involving a fat gamer girl.

@Twitchy The reason why is because I’m not really a fan of indie games, especially those that became uber-popular like FNAF, Undertale, Among Us, etc.

there is Friday Night Chunkin, but i don’t think it’s quite what you’re looking for. it’s mostly male furries, and involves weight gain, soda inflation and macro. pretty great songs, though, and the story is pretty nice, too!

Furry and macro are NOT what I’m looking for…

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