Patch Notes (August 21st, 2016)

Change List:

[ul][li]The banquet event heals HP now.[/li]
[li]Weight gain from being defeated in battle is dynamic according to which enemy you fall to. Notably falling to the succubus has a bigger weight penalty.[/li]
[li]The hunger system has been rebalanced, so now the Stuffed status effect increases Vitality and the Full status effect lasts longer.[/li]
[li]Keeping your current fullness at stuffed will gradually increase your maximum fullness over time.[/li]
[li]Added the Starving status effect when your fullness is at 0 with a -20% penalty to all stats.[/li]
[li]Small, medium, large weight gain and weight loss potions have been added to the Apothecary that immediately altar your weight.[/li]
[li]Drinks have been added to the Grocer, including Coffee which gives you a temporary Agility boost.[/li]
[li]The Combat UI has been adjusted so that the Player/Enemy hp bars remain at the top and the combat log automatically scrolls to the bottom on each action.[/li]
[li]Added pagination and sorting (click on headers to sort) to shop windows.[/li][/ul]

I like how the weight gain mechanics are getting more and more complex in general, it feels really nice.
Do you have anything particular in mind concerning the stomach capacity modification? Like, a longer buff, or another incentive to eat even more for example. I think the increase could be a tad slower like +5 every two times the current amount of ticks.

It’s nice that you implemented a few things we discussed not so long ago :slight_smile:

Concerning the next patch, maybe add more text? I’ll post in the suggestions and bug reports section anyways.

I’m really enjoying the new mechanics man thank you for your hard work.