Patch Notes (August 31st, 2016)

Got in another update before the month ended! Woohoo!! Thanks to Droark for writing floor 2’s standstill text.

Change List:

[ul][li]The banquet event’s Willpower requirement has been lowered.[/li]
[li]Clothing will now rip if it gets too small for you while you’re wearing it.[/li]
[li]Clothing can now be resized at the Tailor.[/li]
[li]Ripped clothing can now be fixed at the Tailor.[/li]
[li]Added the Magic Shop and moved over magic weapons from the Blacksmith to it.[/li]
[li]Added the Armourer and moved over armours from the Blacksmith to it, and removed the option for Stretch armour.[/li]
[li]Removed the option for Stretch clothing as well; Stretch size will be obtained through other means.[/li]
[li]Added the Knife item to the Blacksmith.[/li]
[li]Added Floor 2 standstill text.[/li][/ul]

I hope to see the support of NPCs and then we might be able to see that tutorial fairy as a partner!

Just a quick complaint I think the stomach status decays to quickly I will go from full to hungry within 5 actions and it just makes it near impossible to progress pass the chief with the debuff also he seems far to powerful for a first floor boss the first and only time I was able to get passed him I had 20 strength and 20 vitality and even then I just barely won other than that I really enjoy the game and can’t wait to see more

Fullness decays faster the heavier you are (you get hungrier faster in other words). I would suggest losing weight at the fairy event in floor 1, buying weight loss potions, or keeping yourself at Starving and sleeping to lose weight (easiest method). The game is harder in general the heavier you get and it’s easier to snowball to massive weights because you’ll enter this cycle of “too heavy to fight → die and gain weight → too heavy to fight → die and gain more weight” etc. This cycle is intended to happen though, cuz I’m sadistic and I enjoy making your characters helplessly fat : ^)

Regarding the bug where clothing size ‘adjustment’ text is stuck in the window - seems to only happen to me in the event that my top and bottom items of clothing are of mismatched sizes, which seems actually hard to do outside of a small weight window, unless you’re using the corset or have unusual body weight setups. Dunno if that’s useful at all or not. Otherwise, everything seems to be working pretty well.

Good thing I still have the stretch clothing + armor in my inventory :stuck_out_tongue: