Patch Notes (June 7th, 2016)

Mostly all aesthetic changes, but I did make more progress on the randomized floor layouts. Events and combat encounters are now placed randomly on the floor while it’s being procedurally generated. The next steps are to bring back the North/East/South/West buttons and create a visual map with fog of war, then we should be good to go.

Change List:

[ul][li]Removed redundant whitespace from the game UI to allow devices with lower resolutions to play without vertical/horizontal scrolling.[/li]
[li]Changed styling of the main page, with the biggest changes being adding justification, increasing font size, and centre-ing the text so that it’s a bit easier to read.[/li]
[li]Minor aesthetic changes to the game UI such as increasing the size of the character/inventory tabs and vertically centre-ing the text within them.[/li]
[li]Fixed some minor aesthetic bugs when running Chrome on lower resolutions.[/li][/ul]

Not bad; the layout looks a bit better now. With the old layout I had to scroll even on wide screen if I had browser tabs on the side (not on the top). Cant wait to see the new floors

Nice work!
and yes i cant wait to see the news floors to, and i love this news visual!

Posting here cuz I don’t have enough to say to warrant a new thread, but basically the past 2 weeks I’ve been pretty busy at work and when I come home I’m like dead tired (I work as a web developer so coming home and doing more web development is really difficult). I’ll definitely get some work done over the weekend. Here’s a screenshot of a randomly generated floor layout:

The letters and numbers are for testing purposes and won’t be there.

Oooooh. That looks promising.

Oh boy!