Patch Notes (October 10th, 2016)

Change List:

[ul][li]Support for up to 3 enemies in combat (every extra enemy gives 10% more exp and gold) and 2 NPCs as party members (there aren’t any NPCs you can recruit yet though lol)[/li]
[li]Can encounter 3 skeletons at once in Floor 2 now with a rare chance[/li]
[li]Added RNG to stat checks in events such that you have a chance to succeed even with low amounts of that stat.[/li]
[li]Added stat check to the mysterious burger event such that you can fail if you choose to ignore the burger.[/li]
[li]Fixed exploit with buying items from shop and setting price in http post to 0, or buying items that aren’t for sale. Also reset the dude’s gold to 0 who was exploiting this bug. :^)[/li]
[li]Fix for hunger or taking damage from the chest event giving you 0 hp (they leave you with a minimum of 1 hp now).[/li]
[li]The chest event now indicates what item you’ve obtained if you succeed.[/li]
[li]Increased combat encounter rate by 5% on floors.[/li]
[li]Fixed exploit where it’s possible to log off during a unique event before finishing it but after receiving an item from it, such that you can view the event again and receive duplicates of that item the next time you log on.[/li][/ul]

Tyrannosaurus rekt.