Patch Notes

General change log. Also available on the wiki, but since the huge majority of hits come from this site, might as well post it all here too.

Patch 1.0.1: BEHOLD, COLOR!

Released: 8/27/16

[ul][li]New command: sooc; aliases: "ooc 'ooc, . (yes, just period)[/li]
[li][list][li]This is an ‘in room’ OOC. It works the same as say, but prepended with a bright red (OOC). Used for saying something OOC in an otherwise IC room, without broadcasting it to the entire MUCK over Public, or paging it to individuals.[/li][/list][/li]
[li]New command: namecolor[/li]
[li][list][li]Used to set player.db.colorname, which is used for…[/li][/list][/li]
[li]say, pose, and sooc now all respect and use namecolor and will default to gray if one does not exist. This adds a LOT of color to the world, and allows players to modify the color of their name to whatever they please.[/li]
[li]Say and pose now both have color by default; emotes are tinted white, and say is tinted green, with white text. This not only livens up the place a bit by making it so not everything is a gray, but also increases readability because you can easily, and immediately, find new lines.[/li][/ul]

Patch 1.0.2: The Purge!

Release date: 8/28/16

Okay, not really purging anything. But now you can purge your own characters!

[ul][li]New command: @chardelete[/li]
[li][list][li]This allows players to delete a character from the OOC menu.[/li][/list][/li]
[li]NoneType error when logging in after deleting a character should be fixed.[/li][/ul]

Not a code update, but still important! firvalian has been promoted to code/approval staff.

After some discussion, we have made the decision to replace the Azeroth zone with a more generic fantasy world. Many of the players who requested the Azeroth zone, simply put, didn’t ever show up, and there was a much higher demand for a non-Azeroth zone.

Awww… after I put what work I did into it… jerks.

C&D from Blizzard avoided! I approve of this change; I didn’t want to have to learn outside lore to roleplay fantasy with people.

Oh, shush. I did a lot there too!

There would never have been a C&D. There are dozens of Warcraft roleplaying websites.