Pathfinder 2E Weight Gain System

Hey guys! Jabthebear here! I’ve played around with weight gain systems in 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons with varying degrees of success, and mostly, I was just told that for what I was trying to do, that I should switch to a different system. I agree, and since I’m starting to get into Pathfinder 2nd Edition, I thought I would take a shot at it with this system. Here is what I have so far. I will probably tweak a few things, make the text easier to read, and add more content, but I think the foundations are set up right. Enjoy! Pathfinder 2E - Weight Gain System - Google Docs


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It’s always good to see to see another author’s take on RPG Weight Gaining/Obesity rules, and the different ways people will approach the same topic. I’ve considered making a PF2E version of my own PF1 rules, but I just haven’t had the time or ambition to sit down with PF2 to learn the rules well enough to adapt my ruleset over to them.

Yeah, I understand that. Pathfinder 2E is really cool, but how it functions is a bit different from 1E and D&D 5E in how power scales. Simply put, power isn’t standardized, and higher level characters will quickly become too powerful for lower level enemies to beat. My system might apply some penalties or what have you, but a level 20 adventurer, even a morbidly obese one, will still beat a level 1 adventurer. I would love to check out your ruleset. While I am trying to focus on 2E, I do love 1E and would love to see what you have made.

Here’s my rules (for Pathfinder 1E, D20 3.0 and 3.5).

You’ll notice I take a different approach to the topic. I focus more on the mechanics for being obese and how existing magic and rules would apply, and keeping the introduction of new rules to a minimum, but so far don’t have a lot of content for actually getting fat.

I’m still working on ways to actually get fat, but most of what I have so far is focused on magical weight gain. I talk a little about natural weight gain/loss via food & diet, but I don’t go into too much detail since that method is usually far too slow for the average D&D adventure - and the fact I’m not real big into stuffing.

I understand. Weight gain is usually slow, but I tried to make sure its relatively reasonable in my system. It’s fantasy, we can stretch reality a bit. I like what you have done with your system with the mechanics relying on the encumbrance system. I actually remember reading your document awhile back. A really cool creation dude!

Another person taking a shot to a pathfinder 2 kinky homebrew! Looks like you have a solid conversion of ednd dynamics, things like the “catch breath” action are nice things too.

I did one myself, but it needs quite a lot of work, cause I still have to figure out how to implement decently the “natural weight gain” and making it work even in downtime (mine is definitely trying to go a lil slowburn, with weight gain calculated more or less to happen in weeks unless magic is involved… problem is, calculations are currently a little bit too complex)

As for your system, using bulk as a measure for food is good, problem is there are items like the rations for a week that weights 1 L. It’s mostly why I went with “food units” myself, but with the coming of the “tapas” items in Grand Bazaar (and existing magical effects centered around edible items even before that) it might be a good call to use an appraisal system like yours for existing items.

The relative system for different sizes is good, but might not be the best suited for stuffing attacks which do not scale to consider the size of a target. Then again it might be intentional. A thing to consider, since we have 2 tiny ancestries currently.

There are also a few instances in the official content that might be decided how it interacts with your rules (or in some cases if you want to mod them to be a little more kinky).
I might post my ruleset one of these days once I decide to at least update it a little (I have a section about the existing content in needs of modding for the hb to work), but here a few items you might want to check (not updated since SoM more or less)

-Afflictions: Ravenous
-Ancestries and Heritages: Irongut Goblin (might be worth a look, although considering your ruleset it shouldn’t be problematic), Leshies, Conrasu, Automaton and Poppet
Equipment: Knapsack of Halflingkind, Ration Tonic
Feats (pretty optional this one): Consume spell, Supertaster
Rituals: Heroes’ Feast
Spells: Create Food, Enhance Victuals, Feast of Ashes, Goodberry, Nature’s Bounty, Overstuff

I was thinking about this myself since posting the other day on how to handle natural (i.e. nonmagical) weight gain for my PF1 rules. I was also thinking of using the Downtime system to handle that (since overeating during adventuring usually is too slow to be meaningful). I have a couple ideas, but I haven’t had time to write anything down.

My thoughts will likely not introduce any new “measurements” for food or rations, but look at how the game usually handles gluttonous characters (there’s a couple mentions scattered around the rules). Also I may introduce especially fattening or non-fattening foods that serve as modifiers for subsequent weight gain or loss.

Responding to both Fred Free Feed and Xarian.

Responding to Fred first, I get that the bulk system is a bit weird for food calculation, but I wanted to keep it in the system rules. Now that you mention downtime thought, I could probably simplify my life by making weight gain a downtime thing only and avoiding a bunch of the eating calculations. I’m not familiar with the Tapas items. Gotta look through the book. I’m also uncertain about what you meant by “appraisal system”. Making the weight gain and eating tied to downtime would allow me to instead convert stuffing into conditions that can be applied by certain enemies and would also fix the issue of stuffing with different sized races (I would use overstuff as the basis for stuffing and its effects). I wasn’t originally thinking about enemies, but you mentioning it brought to light a few issues that I can hopefully fix with the downtime solution that you suggested. As for the content like the ravenous affliction, I could tweak it to fit better with my system, as that is something I completely overlooked in the creation process. I forgot about some of the more unique ancestries, but I would probably state that things like the Leshy, Conrasu, Automaton, and Poppet would be immune to weight gain. This comes down to tags, which I can refine out a bit and state that things with the plant and construct creature types are immune to things with the Weight tag.

Xarian, the idea of using downtime is great and would solve a lot of problems with my system. Using certain foods as modifiers for weight gain during downtime is also a good idea. You also mentioned a few things about gluttonous characters in the rules and would love to hear more about that if you find out more about it.

Thank you for both of your suggestions. They were really good and I’m gonna try and implement them into my system. If you need any help with your works, let me know!

At least in Pathfinder 1e, the couple times Gluttony or similar is mentioned, it’s very limited. The examples I recall are a couple mentions in Cursed Items, or Flawed Magical items. In both instances, they only state that the user of the item must eat more food than normal or suffer the effects of Starvation.

As I mentioned in my rules, there is a official feat and prestige class in Pathfinder 1e that required the character to be obese - the Bloodmage (or Bloatmage). It wasn’t a core class, and from the best I can tell, it has never been updated to Pathfinder 2e. That’d definitely be something you could look at adding for your rules. For reference, you can look up the Bloatmage HERE

Ah, so just some basic curses things and stuff. The bloatmage is really cool though. Never knew about that. Then again, there are a lot of options. I will definitely have to think about making that into an archetype that is fueled by the extra blood gained from obesity.

I found some errors in the document. Under Naturally Hefty: “This does not change how much you need to eat a day.reduce the amount you need to eat in a day, only how much you gain, though this extra gain is not restricted by the maximum Diet Point value.”

Under Weight Stages: “(Example: Fly removing Immobilized and Prone. From a character at Weight Stage 6).”

These appear to me as grammar errors caused by unintended use of the period, and the first sentence error listed has its meaning impacted so that I can’t tell what it is intended as well. Does it reduce the amount you need to eat in a day or not?

Under Weight Stage 7 - Immobile 2: “At this weight stage, your flesh is so expansive, that it takes up more space then you can imagine.” That’s a common misuse of then when it should be than. Than is used for comparison (ten is greater than five), while then is usually used for timeline sequences (you turn on the power for your house, then the lights in your room, then your computer).

Thanks for pointing out some of the grammar issues. I was guaranteed to miss things like that upon initially making this. Fixed all the grammar issues you pointed out, although I removed Naturally Hefty as it was designed with the first ever draft of the rules in mind and no longer applied. Again, thanks for the help!

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Okay. I hope to see what plans you have for this soon. Do you plan to reveal what additions you intend to add to the document?

Honestly, I just hop onto it when I have free time and type away at it. There was a suggestion of adding the bloatmage to the document as an archetype, and I am tempted by the idea, though I might go with a reflavored version of it as bloatmage is all about blood and stuff and not so much about weight gain. Besides that, I’ll probably refine the rules a bit more and make a few new monsters. There is a lot I could add, but that is the most likely for the future as long as I can be slightly consistent about updating the document. Thanks for asking!

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I wasn’t expecting some bloatmage content to already be added when I checked the document today. That was nice to see. Seems like you published an update without telling us.

You also changed the speed loss mechanics. I want to know what problems you thought it had that needed to be fixed in the new update. Maybe the old speed loss for weight gain mechanics were a little too convoluted and you wanted to make them simpler.

It wasn’t due to complexity, as the first iteration was technically simpler. It had more to do with the fact that the speed loss was a solid number rather than a fractional one. It meant it interacted weirdly with things like the monks speed increase. I tried to keep it simple by factoring it based on 5ths, which just means if you have the base movement speed of 25 feet, you lose movement just like you would previously, but if you have higher speeds, you lose more of it, and if you have lower speeds, you lose less of it. Hope the bloatmage looks good. It is definitely a first draft, so I’ll probably be experimenting with that more later.

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I wish there was some expansive fat/WG themed supplements for Pathfinder Second Edition, it seems more interesting for character creation than Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, which I see at least two good fat supplements for. Last time I checked this, I didn’t know much about the system, but I have some experience with it now.