Peachy Keen. Grimimic's last place entry

Fat friggen bird yo.


A new Grimimic game, hmm :thinking:

As always, it’s funny and nonsense ah ah ah

What’s this? A short Grimmic game? And it lacks Goblins?! (Sputters indignantly)

Edit; Despite the lack of Goblins, it was short but still quite fun.

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Pretty great little game, but I am going to have to knock off a few points for the lack of goblin girls :grin:

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Quick, cute and Fun But something is off about this game… oh where are the BIG FAT Goblins Girls.

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it is not letting me download the game I need help. I’ve switched browsers and it still won’t work it says it was removed

Love the game, one thing that I’m sure every player that installs a RPG Maker game hates is when they leave every single non essential file in the folders making the games. (In this case) 7-10 times larger than they need to be. Once again the controls are smooth, love the mango upgrade as well. It isn’t too fast, it is a little short since it feels more like a negative than a positive since it makes the controls speed up for what feels like a second, two at most. As for the gaining it’s great, the art is lovely, cute, simple, and most of all nice on the eyes with the colors. Lovely choice to go with a peach colored birb to get the peach.

Wow, this game is short, but very nice! I love the concept : D
Also, where did you get this theme music? Did you made it or downloaded?.. it’s just fantastic, I love it and want to download or just know who is author qwq :heart:

Can’t open the file :frowning:

this is super cute! great job. the gameplay is fun and simple
Now hurry up and add through the fire and flames to it

Really though, this is adorable, Grim! Definitely one of the more creative ways this engine’s been used.

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From a free use website like 10 years ago that I believe no longer exists.


Cute game, sorta wish I could find a peach like that

Short and sweet! Cute game with a cute style.

Short and sweet! Despite being an RPG maker game it doesn’t feel like one which is great.

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The game needs a screencap or two in the OP, and maybe some more tags on the thread. I don’t personally download things blind, regardless of the fact the game’s dev is a fun dev.

EDIT: thanks.

This game is super fun! It’s short and to the point, and I love that about it! The sprites look good and the mechanics work well to push the game forward instead of hinder it! Keep up the great work!

I love this, it’s a short and sweet little drop of sunshine. The meahnics make sense, there’s satifying progression, a bird gets fat.
It’s like a perfectly formed video game haiku!