Persona 4 tiny model swap mod

I’m making a very small and simple mod for Persona 4 golden. The mod I’m currently making is a simple model swap of Chie at the end of the game with a cubbier version of the model. The game fairly often brings up the topic of weight gain in her dialogue, so decided to try and simulate that a little bit by switching out her epilogue model.

Might do more with it at much later date since I have too much on my plate at the moment already, but I do intend to at least get the model swap out fairly soon. I’m thinking things like making changes to some of the unvoiced lines of dialogue during the main game.


Animations have been the largest hurdle here. Whenever I convert the animations they turn out like this:


I think Chie is reaching a bit too far for the truth here.


Awww, she looks cute this way. Maybe she’s bulking up from all that kung-fu?


Model is functional now, however we need to fix the head tracking. Shouldn’t be more than a day or two.

While I’m finishing up this model and while I’m working on my main projects after this one is released, please feel free to offer suggestions for a larger mod project. I’m thinking of editing her shadow’s model too as well as a few scenes I could easily change up a bit.

I mean, not that I ever expected someone to make something like this for the best girl. So this is already amazing as is. All I can really suggest is maybe changing her sprite, and some dialogue as well.

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This is really cool! Changing her Shadow would be nice too, really piling on the bulk.

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I should also say I am not opposed to doing stuff for the other characters too, it’s that Chie has the most material to work with (and because she’s my favorite). So if there is any specific scene that people would like to see minorly edited, I’m all ears.


I’m actually playing Person 4 Golden for the first time right now. So I’ll let you know if any specific scene stands out for… “edits”
In the meantime, here’s a full collection of all social link Chie scenes. If anybody else here wants to look and suggest a specific one, there you go.


I have no idea how long this actually going to take, the head tracking is proving to be a real problem. If I can’t fix it, I can still just release the version without it.

quick poll since I’m having trouble getting the model work 100% correctly

  • Release the model for now without head tracking, and update it when I do fix it
  • Wait until it’s completely done

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This is a fantastic idea! Love the idea of Chie gaining weight. It would be cool to see her get progressively chubbier over the game year but that’s way too much to ask for. This works well as is though, keep it up! Persona has so many foodies, there’s so much to play with.

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