Pete's panda buffet fnaf type game idea

it would be more like… a mix of fnaf and morenatsu,the only difference is that the characters get some fat love (obviously I am a fan of juuichi no? lol)

wouldn’t have in itself much animatronics, maybe 2 or 3, but most would be furrys / anthropomorphic characters.
History follows the life of the guard, who needs money to feed his endless stomach and ends up with the recent open buffet of a charismatic panda with suspenders who loves to tell jokes
I really wanted to do it, maybe I do it or not. I have never created a game from scratch in my life, I don’t even know where to start.
but whoever is reading this and has the means to make it real you has all my support :+1:

if I can learn and do the basics I put in this post

Sounds like it could be fun. F̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶N̶i̶g̶h̶t̶s̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶F̶a̶t̶t̶i̶e̶s̶?̶ What do you have in mind for the gameplay?

well, I would continue with the theme of fnaf in this part, the theme of staying alive and so on, except that there would be certain different things, each character would give you a different game over/ ending depending on whether he likes you or not, for example, pete is nice and cute though, has a tendency to forced stuffing, you can either become close to him and get a good ending (where do you stay with him), or be rude or ignore him and get a bad ending (he kidnapping you, and forcing you to eat all the leftovers from the buffet) I was thinking of doing, for each character to have a good, bad and romance ending, I would also like to put kinds of tastes,each character likes a certain aspect of weight gain, for example, pete likes stuffing, would have a character who secretly fatten up the others, one tending to devour the fattest, one who likes to put on weight on fit people etc and etc

still has a theme of weeks, but in itself in the game time would spend 1 year, I do not want to be something, short, but also not too big. I want something that you can play whenever you want and still be interesting, and would have fights and puzzles, like an rpg, but something really simple. I was thinking of using the rpg maker to make this, I tried to use it once but I couldn’t, but I think if I have this motivation I can do something cool

Ah I see, so kind of like a visual novel but with the horror element that you’re forced to stay the night at the pizza place?

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Honestly, I think a FNaF theme for a WG game holds a lot of promise. I’m surprised there haven’t been more of those made.

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I actually had this idea running in my head but as more FnaF like.
The idea was to be a security guard (either male or female, with maybe body type preference as player creator) working in a children’s restaurant. Of course there is a few animatronic characters who are in service there but your job like in the games is to survive the night.
How this occurs is that the animatronics would try to get into the office to feed you some of the leftover food there (each one could have a different food). Get too many intruders and you will pass out from being overstuffed, causing you to be fired. If you survive yet did get stuffed then you gained weight and it then begins to give both benefits and consequences (benefits may include being able to handle more food, or a consequence is slow reaction speed). Maybe another consequence of losing is gaining too much weight o the point of immobility, making you miss work and being fired The length would be several weeks, maybe even up to a year as you said it. Due to the amount of time there would be measures in between work to give you the ability to lose some of the weight as the game goes on in order to make it a bit strategic.

If I had the ability to code and to draw then I could take a stab at the idea but sadly I don’t have coding techniques yet or the ability to draw anything decent (only stickmen and 2D pencil stuff). Sorry if this is not like your idea but I did wonder about this and your post reminded me of the idea.