Phase 2 Updates & Gain Jam Date!

Good day everyone! I wanted to go over some updates around the forum migration and this years Gain Jam.

First, Phase 2 is going well. Testing for the DB migration has finished and we plan on migrating to a RDS based DB next weekend. This migration does take a bit of time though and since we will be doing it on a staging instance first we will have to throw the forums into read only mode during the process to ensure we do not miss any data. Due to this the forums will be in read only mode for most of the latter part of 7/30-7/31. After this though we should have most of the infrastructure in place for the Jam!

A quick thing to note is last time we did this it logged everyone out, so make sure you know your email address if you have not migrated your account over to Auth0 yet. Otherwise you can always contact us through our support email, discord, or twitter if you need help.

As for this years Gain Jam, we finally decided on a date. Unfortunately, due to the fact I have been tied up with infrastructure upgrades on the site we are a bit behind on getting our usual ad push ready so we are delaying the Jam until 9/18. We also wanted to do this to ensure we have enough time to deal with any issues that may pop up due to the new infrastructure instead of dealing with it during the jam. We do plan on moving it back to August next year though.

Also, do to this we will leave suggestions for themes open until the end of August. More info can be found on this Patreon Post:

And as usual if you like what we do and want to support us directly, check out our patreon here!