I think we should create games for phones. Obviusly the app store/play store is not gonna let us post that stuff but we could post links to .apk files on this forum to download and play :slight_smile:

Since my game is just a website you can play it on the phone already, though it’ll be really annoying cuz the css doesn’t accomodate mobile browsers yet lol

Smart. Also XD im sorry but could you send me a link to it. No offence but im not familiar with your game.

It’s still like super alpha stage, but maybe you can find some enjoyment from the small amount of content I have up lol

Thx m8

In theory my game can be targeted at iOS and Android as well as the desktops it already works on. I haven’t tried yet, as it would require access to tablet devices I don’t have (or a phone with a good sized display), and would be a bit if a distraction from actually getting on with the main development. The downloads would also be quite chunky, having to include the JVM. But it was always part of the plan.

there is one problem with that. weight gaming forums does not seem to be working on phones. idk wats going on but its going to cause problems if we are gonna follow through with this

It’s working on mine, and you’re the only one to report an issue. Sounds like a local issue.

Site works fine on my phone too. Maybe you need a software update or something? or bad signal?

the http I was using was not working I just had to edit the http to the main site. it works :slight_smile: