Plague Inc. Evolved Senario

Anyone ever considered making a custom scenario for Plague Inc. Evolved that revolved around weight gain?

I think there’s a couple on the steam workshop, but they sound kinda rubbish. But yes, this idea does have potential.

I once had the idea of a method for solving world hunger going wrong and just adding nutrition without decreasing hunger, spreading across the planet and causing massive weight gain.
This could be a neuro worm scenario, where the positive later stages cause the solution to in some way act on its purpose of preventing death from food or a lack of food, by curing every negative effect of the weight and causing plantlife to feed itself to people. Unless there are ways to make other diseases act positive, in which case the nanobots would be better.

I saw this a while back - I don’t think I ever got around to playing it (didn’t have the game at the time)