Plague Inc "Fat Fetish" Scenarios

My Muck scenario has now been updated to version 3 enjoy

If there’s a local folder with the scenario files you can upload, I can see if it can be read offline by the desktop scenario editor, without having to be on the developer’s servers.

You do know on mobile you can download them to play offline right?

Also once I am completely done with the “Muck” bacteria scenario I’ll be creating the “Obesity Pandemic” Virus scenario. I’m not gonna make another bacteria scenario right after Muck just so y’all don’t feel like I’m being repetitive or something. Once I finish the first scenario for each and every disease type I’ll be coming back to the bacteria disease type and start working on the next scenario and then so on.

I’m on desktop and have enough clutter on my phone as it is, so unless I take my chances on an apk I’ll probably have to wait a bit before looking into this otherwise.

Played it on the Switch.

There doesn’t seem to be any win or lose condition of any kind. No effort is made to contain the disease and nothing happens even if you infect everyone.

The descriptions feel very unprofessional. Quite unlike the status reports from the actual game’s scenatios.

Would like it if instead of the cheeky dialogue that appears after every symptom, a more professional description appeared that described what exactly is happening to the infected ones.

Despite the descriptions of the symptoms and the few unique abilities, nothing seems to happen.

The lack of capitalization (aka, making the first letter of a sentence uppercase) makes the scenario feel even rougher than it already is.

All in all, I see the potential, and could be genuinely pretty fun, but as of now it’s very messy and rough. Suggest the next update to wait until you add a win/lose condition.

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First off you should be able to win the game because the only thing in the editor is a custom victory scenario (which I’ll add)

Second of all I have no intention of making the traits sound scientific because I don’t know nothing because all of these weird named symptoms so I can’t make it sound more scientific like the other scenarios are

And third of all I have explained this before so I’ll say it again I am very crappy at grammar and I’m still trying to improve meaning all those grammar mistakes you’re seeing will mostly get fixed with bug fixes not major updates (which I’d prefer to finish the development before focusing on fixes)

Oh and in terms of performance I cannot improve that this is a scenario not a fresh videogame so you’ll have to contact the devs if you’re having performance issues

That’s fair, but I feel part of the appeal of a disease making women fatter is seeing the rest of the world trying to understand and describe it in ways they understand. The cheeky dialogue that is already pretty common in fetish games makes it feel like I have somehow already played this before.

When I said the scenario was rough I didn’t mean that I was having performance issues. I meant that the scenario felt very unfinished and more akin to a crappy joke scenario that is very common in the custom scenario library rather than something that is actually fun to play or unique.

I can fix that, lol.

Really you can well I’d be glad to have your help

So to start off can you give me a complete list of every scientific rewritten version for every transmission related trait that’s been added so far. Also be sure to add a side by side comparison for the originals and redone ones so that I know which redone words need to be applied to which transmission traits

Huh, well I’ll try my best to rewrite the dialogue in that kinda perspective

Well I basically just started on it so I’ll fix whatever issues that I can and make whatever improvements that need to be done as long as it’s within reason

But not yet like I said fixes and improvements will come in bug fixes and the bug fixes won’t happen until I have no more major updates left

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I did try to find these on the workshop i couldnt find them