Plague Inc "Fat Fetish" Scenarios

(do not worry this will be a side project just as good as my main project which you can find on my profile if you haven’t seen it already so don’t think that my main project will be put on hold because both this topic of my side project and the topic of my main project will continue to be updated)

Anyways I just bought every single purchase within the mobile version of plague Inc and I have also purchased the mobile version of the plague Inc scenario creator so now I plan on doing something nobody has ever done before… create all kinds of videogame worthy fetish scenarios. All of these scenarios will include fat fetish content but quite a bit of them will also include body horror and cosmic horror content. I won’t just be releasing one scenario… there will be a chockful of scenarios that’ll be released (well one at a time of course.) Keep in mind though, I will be working on these scenarios and will be releasing them on the mobile version of plague Inc which means I have no idea if computer users will be able to play them but if you can’t you’ll have to use an android emulator on your PC, or just use a mobile device.

[There’s not much to go on YET, so this topic will get updated once I’ve gotten further along.]


The PC version just utilizes the steam workshop, though I have no idea if scenarios made in the two versions are compatible with each other.

oh well even if it’s not compatible I have no intentions of switching platforms I’ll continue to create the WG scenarios with the mobile version

Here’s what to look forward to…

My Bacterial Blubber Collection

(In this collection will be all kinds of bacteria based WG scenarios)

  1. Muck (Released and still being updated)
    A scenario where people start getting implanted by hungry balls of gelatin that take control of people and turn them into insatiable, gelatinous mounds of flesh

  2. Intestinal Bacteria - aka, I-Bacteria (Progress Unknown)
    A scenario where a bacteria makes women become lazy blobs with an appetite so greedy it makes women literally eat like a pig

  3. Glube (Progress Unknown)
    A scenario where a special green edible bacteria spreads which turn people into greedy, lazy and, filthy slobs that only care about growing larger they no longer care about nobody or anything else

My Viral Blubber Collection

(In this collection will be all kinds of virus based WG scenarios)

  1. Obesity Pandemic - aka, O-Pandemic (Progress Unknown)
    A scenario where a virus transforms every single woman into a hungry blob and they will grow larger no matter if they eat or not

  2. F-Virus - aka, Fat Virus (Progress Unknown)
    A scenario that’s heavily inspired by the resident evil franchise meaning, it’s about a virus that turns people into gluttonistic monsters with a bottomless pit like stomach and these monsters all mutate in multiple ways


please make this i would love to see this :grin:

hell yes. tracked topic is ON, can’t wait to see development on this.

For the muck scenario so far I finished the transmissions I’ll add more transmissions way later on so for now I’ve got all of the transmissions that I wanted to add. next up I’ll be working on the symptoms

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i hope you can do your best ok? :slightly_smiling_face:

If anybody has any bacteria based scenario ideas that you want turned into a scenario feel free to put in your ideas in this topic remember they have to be a bacteria other disease requests aren’t allowed just yet because I wanna work a little bit on the bacteria section first

Do a web search for “Adenovirus 36”

That’s a virus not a bacteria

Also my scenario muck is ready for a 1.0 release I finished all the transmissions, symptoms, and abilities that I wanted to add (which I’ll be adding more once development is further along) I finished almost all of the base and transmission trait events, not including the government events (I have a few base and transmission related events to add but I’ll do that later on) also i allowed you to get 20 dna points from the very beginning to give you a headstart

On your phone type in Muck on plague Inc it’s by deedrikskinner which is me of course in order to play you’ll have to purchase the option to play custom scenarios but once you do you can play it

My Muck scenario has now been updated to version 2.
This update adds the majority of the symptom related events which the current ones aren’t final also it fixed a few typos and added some improvements as well.

Hey, so this may be a stupid question, but how do you play the scenario on your phone? I’ve been trying to get it to work but it doesnt seem to want to load any custom scenarios whatsoever. I have an ndemic account with the studio creator thing, but when I go into the plague inc app, hit play, hit custom scenario, I just get a message about how some scenarios come with a pack but I can’t search up anything.

Does it need to be played on PC or something and I judt completely misunderstood hiw to access it.

For point of reference, it says this:

For it to work with me, I found that buying the scenarios pack gave me access to the custom ones. It was the middle option on the screen titled “Unlock Scenarios”

Edit: I had went to the scenarios screen to be able to buy the pack that gave me access to the custom scenarios, which is kinda funky, but it worked

Thank you, turns out yes, I was being silly. :sweat_smile:

Looks like I’m releasing updates like crazy version 3 is about to get released this update adds the majority of the ability related events but it doesn’t have everyone that I plan to add just yet I’ll add the rest way later on down the road.

Also with this new update you can now send me private feedback via my gmail

So feel free to type in your thoughts or any ideas