Plan B(urger)

Hey all!

Bit of a long-time lurker, semi-frequent commentor who’s finally dipping their toes into game dev and kink writing. Decided to start small with this little Twine project I quite literally started working on last night! You play as Emily, a pervy futa who plans to grow as big as possible at their new job at McThiccies!

It’s definitely rough around the edges as I’m still learning things as I go, so criticisms and suggestions are always welcome! Thanks for checking out my thread!

Plan B(urger) by Laphometsu (forgot to make it public, silly me)


I don’t know if this help or not but I think you should add art to show how big your character get because hey hey not everyone can get horny which just words
The problem now is you can use AI art which work and look good but there will be people hate it or commission a artist but damn that will be expensive

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Ignoring the morales of AI art (I don’t want to get into it), the AI art platform that people typically like to use for the more anime style art is novel AI. I admit I only briefly looked into it, but it appears that novel ai does cost money to use as well whether you are paying for their currency or if you buy a subscription. Op also stated that they started working on it last night, so props on that, but they might be looking into graphics for the future, maybe not, time will tell

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I’m not particularly one for futa (I missed that part of the description going in), but I enjoyed your writing quite a bit.

Some bits were a little dense/verbose for me, though that could just be a matter of taste. But, there were some other parts I thought were very well paced, especially the sentence split in two by the burp, that had a very nice sense of flow to it. Also, the decision to colour text helped readability remarkably well, I might have to steal that for the next twine project I do.

All in all, I liked it. Interesting premise, sounds like it’s got potential to go in a variety of interesting directions. Best of luck going forward!


You’d correct on the assumption that most popular AI nowadays use a typical subscription or currency model. I personally don’t see the appeal of the software and plan to avoid it using it for illustrative purposes and would instead commission an artist if I needed art.

And yeah! This was more or less something that occurred overnight (hence why its so short atm) so I’ll probably take the time fine-tuning the current content before adding more. Thanks for checking it out!

For the time being, I plan to keep it purely text based just to keep the scale of the project as short and sweet as possible. My drawing skills currently aren’t the best either at the moment (slowly working on that part, heh) and as mentioned before, personal reasons keep me from using AI like StableDiffusion and the likes. Doesn’t mean art is completely off the table, however!

Thanks for checking out the game! Sorry if the futa bits caught you off guard, I’ll try to add a kink list in the OP moving forward so any newcomers don’t get completely blindsided going in. I’m also glad you liked the colored bits! I’m a huge sucker for onomatopoeia, so I try my best to highlight it as much as possible.

I’ll definitely try to keep the pacing consistent throughout the rest of the story. This is actually my first kink writing, truth be told, so I’m experimenting with a lot of new things. I’m excited to finally make a contribution to the forums nonetheless! A friend and I are working on establishing more girls for the story, so I think you guys might like what’s yet to come!

Sorry if that was a bit of a text wall. Again, thanks for checking it out! :wink:


Good intro, the futa plot twist (I try everything on this site, so I go back and read the description of only the games I enjoyed) was a welcomed surprise.

The only thing I’d like to add to the “no art problem” is that you could use real photos, cropped photos of different models to represents different parts of the body (on TFGamesSite this method is used for many games, I don’t understand why on this site this approach was never tried). Both original and AI art take time to make so using real photos is an option (there are also some softwares that can give real images a painting filter, giving to the varios photos a consistent style).

That said I’m ok with only text, I was just bringing other options to the table.

I’d be careful with using cropped photos of models because there could be copyright issues. That might be why people here aren’t doing it


Kinda like where this is going. Hope future content has some choice.

just stumbled upon this now, and I quite liked what you had, even though it was short. Too bad it’s been abandoned because Futa and weight gain are my two favorite kinks and your writing was good.


Many such cases, sad! :pensive: