Planned Features (Please Read First)

To minimize duplicate threads or threads for already planned features, please read this list and search for your feature before making a new thread. Requests for specific items, NPCs, or events can be made but if you want them to be added quicker you should provide as much information as you can about your ideas, such as appearance, dialog, and stats. Also note that the priority of items on the list is subject to change cuz motivation comes and goes and I might get stuck on one feature and need a change of pace.

High Priority (to be released next update):

[ul][li]Incubus event for the floor 2 boss if your character is attracted to men, additionally more in depth succubus dialog (Pachaking is working on this)[/li]
[li]More in depth mirror event descriptions (Pachaking is working on this)[/li][/ul]

Medium Priority (to be released soon-ish):

[ul][li]Recruitable party members[/li]
[li]Restaurant in town[/li]
[li]Feeder class[/li][/ul]

Low Priority (good ideas but far-off additions):

[ul][li]Enchanted Enemies (randomly occurring prefix and suffixes to an enemy’s name that cause stat changes, example “Fierce Arrogant Goblin”)[/li]
[li]The ability to enchant your gear using enchant scrolls dropped from enchanted enemies[/li]
[li]Player market system (multiplayer feature)[/li]
[li]Mercenary system (hire people to explore the tower for you if you get too fat to do it yourself)[/li]
[li]An arena in the red light district where you can battle against enemies that you’ve defeated in the past[/li]
[li]An arena in the red light district where you can battle against other players (multiplayer feature)[/li]
[li]A crafting system and “Misc” enemy drops that are used to craft items[/li][/ul]

Is it possible to have some more info on the upcoming patch’s content? The chest, relationships and classes look extremly interesting.

I might make a developer blog about relationships and classes when they’re more fleshed out, right now I’m still kind of in the brainstorming stage lol

The chest event is something kestrel has already written up where there’s a chest with an item inside, an intelligence check to disarm the trap, or an agility check to dodge the trap if it triggers.

I think this patch will take some extra time due to the NPCs and relationships, right?

Correct. I’ll probably release a patch once I have Seraphine’s 2nd conversation ready since it’s been a while. She would be the only NPC since the dialog for the rest in the town are still being created.

I think you could try to add an approximative release date for the patches, ie 2 weeks, 1 month, as to make the waiting a bit less boring and actually know more or less when more content will be disponible :slight_smile:

It’s tricky since I don’t actually have scheduled times when I work on the game as it’s just a hobby project. For example you’d expect that I would get a lot done over weekends, but this weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving so I was occupied with family and such. I also have a full-time job and a girlfriend, and I’ll never tell my friends or my boss, “sorry I can’t do that thing, I have to work on my fetish game instead”, so the game will continuously be the thing that gets shafted. Then there’s also the added stress of, if I make a release date and don’t meet it on time, I have to answer to the people whom I failed to deliver on my promises to, and I really hate letting people down.

As of now I’m still the only coder so I don’t think I can accurately provide a release date for patches, since if something comes up with me, the entire project gets put on hold. It would be different if there were multiple people coding it or if the game were providing me income.

I see, it’s no big deal anyways, real life and studies are also holding me back from many things such as posting here (hence the late answer) but thanks for answering :slight_smile:

I don’t know wether you already know what you’ll be adding in the next patch, but the mirror event could be nice as it’s getting really old + descriptions are always very enjoyable.

The last thing I was working on is a skill list that you can view for each class, and if the skills are usable outside of battle like feeding skills, buffs or healing skills then there will be a “Use” button. Once that was finished I was going to raise the class level cap to 20 and add the unreleased skills for Warrior and Caster, then start working on floor 3 stuff.

I suppose I could slip in an update that just adds the skill list and the mirror event without releasing the rest of the skills and the 3rd floor.

To be honest yeah, all updates are very welcome wether they bring big or small changes, specially at this stage when the game’s shaping up very, very nicely.

So a small update would certainly be appreciated, specially with the mirror event.

I agree. Adding the mirror event would be a great, yet small addition.

I’ve been writing up the dialog for the mirror event but because I have to make multiple versions of the same dialog at varying weights and for every body part, it’s getting to be quite a chore. I’ll likely just make three versions, <30 BMI, 30-40 BMI, and 40+ BMI. If anyone feels like making the dialog for weights larger than that, they’ll have to submit it to me.

If your character is bisexual you have 50% of encountering that incubus, right?

Hadn’t thought of that, but that’s probably what I’ll do.