planning for modded minecraft server with some fetish content

dont really know where it’s appropriate to post this but i’ve recently came up with the idea to host a minecraft server with fetish content. it’s limited to custom paintings, the quality of the images isn’t lowered too much, and you need to install my resource pack to use the custom paintings. i have a computer ready for hosting, but i dont have a set plan of what i’m going to do with the server. i love tech mods, so i’m most likely to include those. here’s a poll minecraft server poll - Straw Poll and if you have other ideas tell them here. as long as my server can get some players i’m not backing out of this, so dont worry about cancellation.


The gist I get here is your idea is a Towny fetish roleplay server with factions, pvp, etc.

Firstly, what mods do you plan to use? I believe everyone here would appreciate a definitive list, including the fetish ones, because I have never heard of an MC fats mod.

i’ll create a mod list, and i’ll show what mods are 100% being used and ones i can remove. the only fetish content the server will have is custom paintings, a mod allows putting images in a resource pack, and the mod has a custom painting creator that loads the images from the resource pack. i’m 99.9% sure there’s no minecraft fat mods but custom player model mods can be made, or even an existing one could probably be modified enough, but i dont know how to code and i dont plan on learning. there’s a mod for 1.7.10 called voxel player models, if it got updated to 1.12.2 i could use it in the server. also, fat models in MINECRAFT, the pixely game, unless there’s way to make high quality models a fat model is gonna look ridiculous being made of a bunch of small blocks, i dont know the modding limits. maybe 3d shapes n stuff could be added so the player models aren’t blocky, but i have no idea, and no capability of finding out. it might be possible to change the player models enough with a mod, since there are mods that add ‘blocks’ that are a 3d shape like something from blender. until better mods are brought to light, minecraft player models are more limited than the technology we had in the 90’s, example: mario from mario 64.


Is the server up yet/still?