Platform Interests?

I was wondering what platforms people would like these type of games to be on? Windows is a given, but what about Android via direct apk install as an option?

I feel like the simplification that a mobile device brings could make it easier to design games like this, since you could set it up to be super complex with buttons on-screen, or you could just tap things on the screen.

What do you all think?

I think a web (HTML5) game would be more popular since anything with a browser can play it, also they don’t have to download anything to play.

It’s unlikely that mobile games are preferred, since not many want to risk playing games with explicit content in their phones where anyone can peek over their shoulder. Also desktop/laptop games would be more preferred since players can make sure they’re settled in (lights off, locked doors) and play with larger screens.


Desktop and laptop accessible for sure. I’m not too interested in taking these games outside of my room if you catch my drift.

Although a mobile-friendly game has potential–playing alone with one hand free–a small screen and finicky touch controls can be major hurdles. I agree that desktops and laptops are better suited for this kind of thing.

Personally, I prefer it when I can download and play games locally off of my storage drive. This makes it easier for me to save my game and come back later. Plus, I don’t have to worry about potential issues with games that don’t work well on a particular Web browser. Sure, certain game engines like Flash or HTML are fine with any browser, but those games tend to run into limitations of their own.

I prefer the PC because I can count on a much larger monitor than in andoid and I like to see big girls in a big way

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