Platformer WIP



Geez, I have no idea how either of you did either of those things! Guess I still have a few bugs to iron out.


Well, I did not know that. Thanks. But also, I could just remove the rest of the screenshot with paint . net.


And I do not know that you mean about groundpounded throught a wall. I just spam Jump, Groundpound and Increase Weight the whole time and it works everywhere. And I do not know why only works to teleport you from right to left and not viceversa.



Well, I was testing and I just notice the following bugs:

  • If you are midair, groundpound and increase your size in the same frame(?) will you teleport to the left of the room. This is not speed; you just teleport. I guess the best way to do it is spamming Down and Enter. You can just use Intro too, because Intro is Enter.
  • The wall will push out the sheep if you teleport. So she will not be stuck.
  • The transition works normaly even if you teleport; it does not bug.
  • The only place you can be stuck is the one that you saw in previous posts. There is not way to get free; you must restart the game.

This bug is in v0.06. I do not know if it is in previous versions. And yes: there is a place where you can bug.chub4
By the way: you can actually escape from there.

  • If you read a sign while walking and keep walking, you still moving with the text box.
  • Keeping the text box and walk into a transition, you will appear in the next room, but you cannot move. Yes; it is a softlock.
  • Besides the previous bug, if you are “reading”, you can still using groundpound or increase/decrease weight. But you cannot use left, right or jump.
  • The rarest thing: if you are reading without start moving and keep moving before, there is a way to actually move while reading. You just do the following:
  1. Keep pressing any side you want to go.
  2. While keep pressing that, decrease or increase weight to the fourth weight.
  3. And for no reason, you will start to move to the side.

This only occurs for the fourth weight. And yes: the same weight that has the extra animation.chub7
If you ask, yes, this works even if you are softlocked. Meaning that this is the only way to move while softlocking. If you pass to another room while softlocking, it does not fix that, you will still softlocked. And if you try to read a sign while softlocking, it does not work; the other sign will not fix it. Yes, I do not know how I did that but I did it and confirm that. And for last: if you died while “reading”, you just die… the text box will still there and you can just close it.

I said that you can still groundpound while “reading”, because it is true. You can active a sign mid-air and if you groundpound, you can still bouncing. And because that and the fact you can also increase/decrease weight, you can teleport while reading!chub3
And that is all for v0.07.

I hid it in Hide Details just for not fill the whole screen just entering to this topic.


Which one of the weights has an extended idle animation? Because if I do find one, then I wish to see possible idle animations on all weight stages.


Yo, this is super helpful. Most of the ones involved with changing weights aren’t going to a problem since I don’t plan on letting people change the weight whenever they want though.


It’s the fourth one. Extra idle animations aren’t going to be a priority until I get some actual levels/enemies into the game though. That one is in there mostly to test that extended idles were possible.


Definitely, for now, better you should not add recovery animations. The most of bugs occurs when you try to do 2 or more things at the same time.

Yes, recovery animations can fix it, but not fix it yet in alpha phase helps a lot to understand the game’s engine. Or well, I guess so.