Platformer WIP

I’ve been expanding on the engine and sprites that I had for the game jam a bit, working out how the game feels before I move too far with the art this time, but I am hoping to get base placeholder sprites in to help determine where hitboxes should be eventually. Instructions for the game are in the description when you click on the link, game is played in-browser.

New version! Too big to be hosted on FA, so here’s the link to the download.
Just animations added for this one, still working out a dash mechanic.



left and right for movement
z to jump
down for ground pound (at higher weights)
down + left/right for directed ground pound
shift/shift + enter to change weight (will be removed in full version)


Awesome work so far!

Ooooh I approve. Aside from the obvious bugs, this is very well constructed, and the presentation of everything, including the ground slam, is superb. I honestly got a kick out of just bouncing around, it’s that satisfying!

I take it that the sprites come from Cookie Disposal? I kinda want to see all the sprites, and wonder if more weight sizes are coming.

Yeah, technically most of these came first and then were adapted for cookie disposal. Right now I don’t have any additional sizes planned, since I want to put a cap on the scope and get some actual levels made.

Unfortunately, Test 3 seems unable to run on my computer. Or maybe I’m just opening it with the wrong tool. Either way, played Test 2 and it seems like a solid foundation for a game.

Just played Test 3, and the extra sizes are nice, crazy and ROUND. I think the later stages should be able to produce shockwaves upon ground-slamming, since mobility clearly isn’t the aim.

I had to open it with Edge to get it it work.

Is good framework, the one thing I think it really needs though, is some recovery frames for when you ground slam, the animation snap back to standing from, ostensibly, slamming your ass onto the ground is jarring, especially considering the fluidity of the other animations.

A lot of technical stuff has been added, not so much in actual content though, we’re still in the testing world. There will be an enemy that will hit you immediately due to bad spawning placement on my part, but it takes a while to come back around. I haven’t implemented any sort of respawn system yet, so if you die you’ll just have to restart the game.

New features:

  • Saving
  • Health
  • Dialogue boxes
  • One enemy to test health
  • Level transitions technically, but I haven’t put any into this testing world since they’re ugly

The health system doesn’t interact with being able to change weight on command very well, but I’m not going to fix that since that’s not going to be a feature in the final game. Just know that you’ll have to save, quit, and open up the game again to get your max health to update.

That’s definitely something that’s on the to-do list, I do want to get some stuff to smush in there before I work that out though.

Can you upload these sprites to me?

Nah, if you want to make rips of the sprites you’re going to have to work for it, at least until I come out with a full version of the game.

Time for another update, this one is more of a graphical update than anything else, but the old testing level is gone and has been replaced with a different level that has screen transitions. None of the appearances are quite final yet, but everything is significantly less WIP-ish now.

Link to download

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I did.

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How? I thought it was impossible.

I do not want to spoil. But I need to say that I was not easy. It taken me +1 hour to do it.

A lot of time for that. Is there someting important?

Not really. Still, I actually feel proud of myself. xD

I can still say how but via PM (if you want).

If you press alt+printscreen you only grab the active window :wink:

But can you do this?

(groundpounded through a wall on the other side of the map)