Plump Pixel "Art"

Hello everybody, I’ve been trying to improve my pixel art skills and I just wanted to share some of my creations. Criticism is very much welcomed. I’m certainly no artist; however, I really do want to try to learn and get better.

I also started putting this stuff on DeviantArt. I’m not sure how active I’ll be, but I figured I should put this here anyway.

I did these on a 64x64 canvas and then upscaled them to 1024x1024. I also try to use limited colors, but that doesn’t always turn out the best. I know I need way more practice, but let me know what you think.

For sure my favorite so far, I may have “over-edited” it though.

Unedited Pic

This one is completely unedited.

Just posting these for now (totally not because these are the only ones I think are decent). I’ll probably add to this or reply with more below eventually.

Images I've Added From Below

Nude Pixels


It’s hard to point out flaws here, pixel art is very style dependent.
The banal tips are:
Avoid thickened lines.

Shadows have to be more saturated than base colors.

To save on colors use different patterns to simulate gradients. Checker pattern is the most common one.

I also could yap something about center of mass on the second picture, but I can’t see the whole body so I won’t do that.

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I could definitely work on that. My outlines are pretty sloppy.

The shadows and patterns I haven’t even touched, but just by looking at that sphere it can add serious detail.

And yeah I’m not the greatest with proportions haha. Anatomy is something I really need to work on.

Great tips


I hope someone else will reply to this.

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i don’t think any more critics are necessary, you seemed to check every mark on what could be improved, also @Regular i hope the best for you and i’m hoping to see your artwork grow, shift and evolve


looks good would like to see more

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It is really important for an artist to study anatomy, but I find both bodies believable. Maybe the second’s head is a little small, but I think it’s close enough to realistic not to be a problem.

You can kinda make outlines thinner than 1px by softening them - blending them with the color of what they’re outlining (or the background). I think Image 1 would benefit from softer/no outlines between skin and the shorts.

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I appreciate the kind words!

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Here’s a few just for you, quality definitely varies:

Most recent, trying to simplify colors and shapes.

Quick and dirty, still need to clean up, but I kinda like this one. Only 5 colors, no face tho.

NSFW (Nude Pixels)

Too much detailing for what I’m going for IMO, just not that good at shading yet, especially the hair.

My faces NEED work. This one is just borderline uncanny. The boobas don’t look very good either.


Proportions are definitely not my strong suit. The hair exacerbates the issue too, I believe.
And I’ll definitely have to play around with outlines a little more. I appreciate the feedback, thank you!


I would also comment on the proportions may be a little on the exaggerated side, however that could be an artistic choice, and i kinda like it that way.

Sigh, if only i could get my game to programmatically render character pictures half this nice.


I’m finding it very hard to keep the scale and not exaggerate so much. I definitely make my characters a little on the bigger side.

However, since you said you kinda like it that way, here’s an attempt at making weight gain on an already large character.

Good from far, far from good.


don’t put your self down they look great


Thanks, I appreciate it!

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wow, those pixel drawings look fantastic!
i really like how you draw pixel style girls, and their bodies look great, i would only suggest to keep making cool details in their faces and in their hair.
your work is very good, so i dont have much feedback to offer on that.
keep up the good work!


I appreciate it a ton man, and thanks for the suggestion! Totally check the DA link if you want more, I’m trying to post daily.

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thats good to know.
BTW where should i contact you about an art related project?

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Well, it’s been a couple weeks now and I’ve added a decent bit to my DeviantArt page, so I figured I would go ahead and post a few of my favorite recents. Hopefully you can see some improvements since my original post. I’ve been trying to stay consistent and practice more.


Browsing through this thread is fun. I know you’re still practicing and aren’t completely satisfied with your style but these look really good.


Thank you! Practice makes perfect you know, we’ll get there one day haha