PMD fat rom hack?

Recently I saw a rom hack software be released for a PMD (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) game and it has sprite editing in it’s software. Unfortunately I’m not sure about the stance for these kinds of things being made with said program and I am too afraid to ask but I am already creating a few sprites.

Unfortunately I am very slow when it comes to these things so it will take me a long time to get something noteworthy done. I just would like to see if anyone has any interest in playing something like this. (The tool I’m using is called SkyTemple.)

Also very sorry I am not used to this site so if I am not supposed to post this here tell me where to post this.


So, first off, I think you posted in the right area. Secondly, I saw this same software get released a bit ago and had the same thought, I’m just not good at art, so if you were to follow through on this, I’d be so hyped to play it.

Am not too much of a pmd fan but i can help with sprites if you can strap em in the game, am all in for experimenting with sprites

I’d love for a PMD rom hack to be a thing

Ever since the first PMD had the belly capacity growing bigger when you overate apples, i always thought it would be great to have a fat version of it. If you have the means, i would love to see your take on it.


It sounds doable, but it would be a lot of work. Not to mention the original Pokemon Mystery dungeon lacks a lot of the quality of life features the later games have so I’m not sure how worth the effort it would be.

That’s occurred to me. Imagine your preferred Pokémon at ‘true max belly size’! But, as mentioned…It would take work, and know-how.

Maybe if there was a collaboration, but it’d have to have a lot of interest from whoever was involved.

the rom hacking tool is for explorers of sky, not the first entry

I would very much love that. I’m not good at spriting

Current Goals

— Find some way to create a weight gain system

— fattening traps (would need to make weight gain system first)

— Changed dialogue (obviously based around weight gain, may do this first)

— tight belt available for use during the beginning (so you can keep a specific weight on your Pokémon)

— Have weight affect stats somehow (speed, defense, etc)

If anyone has any ideas please reply them below


So, I feel like the changed dialogue would be the easiest of these things because you can easily edit the string. For everything else, I just opened the script editor in SkyTemple and it looks like you’d either need to create new code or find the hunger/belly code and find a way to fit what you want into there. I’m currently looking more into this thought right now.

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It’s the sprite editing is what concerns me, if nobody can do that then you’ve basically hit a wall.

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That’s a very good point and I won’t be any help there

Ok, so after reading some replies from others, i think editing sprites could be on the back for last, usually with other hacks, you only have the exact same game but something is added visually, if you were to make a wg theme to this with changes in the system, from dialogue to stats, for me as i can take enjoyment from reading alone, it would be wonderful and i could imagine it happen even without a visual guide from it. After that system is done, it might be easier to make the sprites or modify them. Or just choosing a few of everyones favorites and later on add to others. Still its a big project, however you decide to start it from but hope you have fun doing so.

it seems like a great idea!

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I’m guessing the Tight Belt would be a passive equip? Otherwise, it would hurt gameplay, assuming you’re retaining the ability to hold items.

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After reading a few replies I’m going to trim this down.

I’ll not have a weight gain system but instead do something smaller such as weight changes for every evolution you aquire and have the story be themed around weight gain.

I feel that would be less draining for me personally since I already lack energy in general to do tasks.

I’m a decent writer so the dialogue would most likely be enough to keep people entertained.


This seems interesting. Definitely looking forward to anything that comes out of this.

I’ll be mindful not to try and shoehorn details into that element, then. I’ve developed an aversion to suggesting ideas when it comes to others’ writing, especially unsolicited. Looking forward to it. Updates are always welcome.


–Said belt suddenly bursts off once the prologue/beginning is over.