Pokémon fetish themed game

(this is my first post, so there might be some grammar errors)

Simple Idea

So this is a concept, but it’s a fetish Pokemon game (Only in Kanto for now) It’s where you have four extra starts to increase. Now some will be a start option when you capture a Pokemon, whether you want it to gain Muscle, Fat, or Not increase. Then either Breasts, Cock n’ Balls, Thighs and Ass, combinations of all three, or not at all. And it will increase with each level.

The fetish stat will cap at 5000, but the main level cap will be 100.

(Quality of life changes, all Pokemon will be anthro, and you can choose when they evolve, like in Legends Arceus, Exp candy, and possibly Vore?)

Battle Mechanics

The battle mechanics will change since you can have different fetish stats.

  • Muscle, you have an Attack increase, but you lose Defense every five fetish stat increases, and it goes for a different stat for each gain option. Fat, then it is Defense, but you lose Speed.
  • Breasts increase Special Defence but lose Special Attack.
  • Thighs and Ass increase Speed but lowers Attack.
  • Cock n’ Balls, you gain Special Attack but lose Special Defense.

(If you choose any combination of the Cock n’ Balls, Brests, or Thighs and Ass, you won’t gain any fetish stat bonuses.)

When you defeat a Pokemon, you have three options (and all will allow the gain of Exp). Capture it, like in the anime, Leave It Be, and Vore it, and you can choose how to Vore it.

Player Interaction

So if you over-level a Pokemon they won’t listen to you other than partake in a unique minigame or get the next badge. The minigame will be related to the fetish stat of the Pokemon.

  • Muscles, then you have to spot them as they do 10 sets of 10, and it is RNG when they might need help.
  • Fat, then you need to rub their stomach as they eat food.
  • Breasts would mean you would have to milk the Pokemon, and you’d get a free milk item.
  • For the Cock n’ Balls… It is pretty obvious… But you will get a free “milk” item…

Yes, you can use these as healing items in battle but can be used to increase other stats of other Pokemon with a similar milk-producing method. And you might find food across your journey, and the type of food will increase Muscle or Fat depending on what it is. And people with picnic tables are shops that sell milk types Easily and food that increases Muscle and Fat.

The player character is unaffected by food and milk. Depending on the gender you can drink or eat for a unique minigame, and depending on how well you do, you’ll get a special picture for your trainer card that’s changeable for each fetish combination.

Art Style

So I want this to be a hand-drawn Game, but if it were a hack, then I would have to re-sprite it all for each stage and then draw the in-between of each phase, but that is okay. I also plan to redo all the NPCs to make them a variety of anthros, and the story is somewhat the same, but I will throw in some other things that might be interesting😉.

But what about Mew and Ditto?

I will have a post-game item called the lost sea map, the unused event item from Emerald, which would allow you to run into Mew. There will be more, so you can have a whole array of different Mews. Now Ditto is an Item and a Pokemon, it is not affected by the unique stats, but it can alter the fetish stat of the other Pokemon. Kind of like a lotion.


So it is just like Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. You are 21 years old, and your long-time family friend Prof. Oak asked you to explore the world after being cooped up in your room working for the past 3 years. He also tasked his grandson with the same task, and knowing how much of a dick he is, you reluctantly agree. You can choose between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur and be given a ditto lotion to increase a trait about them. And with that, you set off, but not before being stopped by a man being drunk on the ground. So you help run an errand for Oak and deliver his RTX 5090 for his supreme gaming setup. You receive your Pokedex and are now officially off on your quest.


So I will probably finish the first gym, but this is a proof of concept, and hey, I might have some art pieces to show yall…:blush:

I might call it Fetish Monsters (Like Pocket Monsters)

Final Thought

I just came up with this idea today May 3rd, 2023, but I was going to add secret and special “Pokemon” It is more like the Ultra beasts, where you will enter a new part of the safari zone and find a few later gen pokemon, and other game characters like Bowser as an example…


This sounds like a very intriguing concept! I’m sure it’s feasible, it would just take a lot of work and time. I think the big question is whether this game ends up running off it’s own engine or becomes a more in-depth rom hack of some kind. Best of luck for this idea! May a willing dev collaborate with you!


Why thank you, I had a brain blast, Jimmy Neutron style, and this was conseaved as a creation. I might use RPG-Maker, only because there is a Pokemon fan game (Pokemon Infinite Fusion) that laid the wood and coal, I just lit the fire.

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I really like the idea of being able to choose which fetish stat you want on your pokemon, since i myself don’t really have interest in cock n balls and muscles, but i do really like having a fat gardevoir or lopunny with a thick ass on my team.

Also i like that you help Oak with his gaming setup. Silly quests like that really makes RPGs more fun to play.

I wish you good luck with the project, since we really have a lack of fetishy pokemon fangames/romhacks.


Question: is this game going to force you to see the cock and balls or is there an option to disable that?

I did say, you can choose not to… If that helps clear anything up for you.


Alright thanks, guess I can’t see that bit :+1: