Pokemon Inflation Sandbox

I would like to see a Pokemon sandbox game where you can inflate, play and draw any pokemon you want


What do you mean by

draw any pokemon you want


a coloring book with all the pokemon in it

and i would like this to be done using unity and html5

@everyone is invited

if anybody knows unity they are invited and if anybody knows html5 they are invited

This looks like a simple personal request. But even then, “Inflate, Play, and Draw” sounds vague. :sweat_smile:

How would Inflation serve as a mechanic in a game? And how would the player draw and play any pokemon you want?

But in one of your post, you mentioned:

Which makes it look like it’s just a simple coloring game(?) with 905 Pokémon and have inflation in it?

Please clarify my confused brain. :sweat_smile:

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water pump inflation (with sliders adjusting the pressure and amount of water) until their bellies burst

and pokemon themed yard games and cards/sudoku for the “play” part

I agree very confusing maybe give an example of something somewhat similar to the idea

Umm, should this thread be locked or deleted?

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I suggest it should be locked, I don’t think I have anything else to say to contribute this topic. Making my head hurt. :sweat_smile:

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Maybe now it should be deleted? Apparently the creator of this thread is a minor I have no clue how the mods learned this/found out but they’re the experts so they must be very skilled at finding stuff like this out.

Actually, this thread should be deleted. :sweat_smile:

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