Pokémon Styled Weight Gain Game (Working Title)

UPDATE 03/24/20: Amidst COVID-19 I’ve begun working on the tile sheets for the first area. Just letting you know that this can be subject to change at anytime for any reason, but I will try to give updates when I fell their necessary/ready. Not quite finished yet, but I am trying to go for a FireRed/LeafGreen feel to it. As for the “Pokémon” there’s 2 things. 1. I have no clue what to name them 2. I don’t know if I want to do anthro characters or make more humanoid characters with some fantasy elements like majestic clothing, horns, tails, etc. It would be appreciated if I could get some feedback on which designs you guys preferred (though it might help if I had an example or 2 to show and I’m working on that.)

For the first, let’s call it an Alpha, release I’d like for there to be 3 main areas of exploration at least. Your home town, the neighboring town with the Professor and stores, and then the city with the Gym with other trainers peppered throughout. Basic Pokemon progression.

COMBAT: I’ve decided I’d make it to where you stuff your Pokemon to execute moves. Much more enjoyable that way if you know what I mean. Each move will have some sort damage type associated with it, and based on the class of Pokemon it’ll deal a certain amount…again basic Pokemon.

Despite Pokemon being a heavy influence for this game, if you feel you may not enjoy it as much then please let me know of a way to perhaps spice it up some more…as if weight gain wasn’t enough lol. Just a little side note I’ve decided there’s not going to be any cursing in the game. I know how we adults like to fucking swear a whole fucking lot, but I don’t think it’ll translate well to the player.

Let me know all of your thoughts down below! Once I finish the tile maps and a couple draft designs for the Pokemon I’ll drop them here. Thank you guys for your time!


that will be a ton of sprites and I think you will give up easily… try to make something easier imo, pick the easiest rom (like crystal) and only two playable characters to get fat.


Hm…now that I think about it it’d probably be better if I used another engine to create it like RPG Maker instead of a ROM Hack, but a similar concept. There seems to be plenty of tutorials of games like that on YouTube, and I’m already familiar with RPG Maker.

Perhaps I could still do the ROM hack, but more along the lines of what you suggested lol.

whatever is easiest is the best on the long run, otherwise you are full of energy at start and run out in the middle. Try to understand what you like doing more, text, maps/gameplay or sprites.

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Maybe use the Moemon, since that has female sprites that can be worked with.

Though that is a massive amount of effort to do each one…

IF you want do it in ROM hacker, GOLD weight / Silver fat will be nice, but in taiwan we have ultimate Emerald, not only Emerald’s pokemon, they got all pokemon from red/blue/green~ultimate sun/moon.
Imagine ALL 809 pokemon become fat, if you can make it, You will become a legend.
more, you can make 890 pokemon, and you will become a god.
or work easy, give player “Alcremie” for first pokemon, you win the Trainer’s battle, you can fattening the Trainer.


I literally had this same Idea a few days ago but don’t have the time to develop it. I was planing on working on it in the summer. So it looks like you have a head start lol.

I was mostly thinking about using the battle system and theme it around force feeding the opponent. Attacks would be food. Types would be flavors. HP would be fullness.

I didn’t have a plan for evolution. XP would be translate to fatness and a higher fullness gauge so you could eat more in battle.

I was also thinking about adding mod support. The “pokamon” would have their own json files for stats and sprites. This would allow users to create their own characters for the game by simply adding a json file and spritesheet file to the game files.

Reading this actually gave me an idea for combat. Instead of having moves dealing class-type damage each combatant would have a (kind of) unique moveset, but in order to do more damage you give your fighter certain types of food depending on their type/fighting style/likes or whatever arbitrary metric.

Good luck with working on this. As for the characters, personally I’d find more humanoid monster girls nice~

You could all them Stuffmon or something similarly silly, considering Pokemon just came from pocket monsters and games like Oppaimon are a thing. Or something like Stuffing Monsters, just giving the topic in the title.

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Character wise, I’d personally prefer more of an anthro style, but do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Doing both partial and full anthro character designs and male/female variants would suit everyone best, though. I know that’s a lot of work, but if you just pick one or the other, someone is going to be upset (not that you have to please everyone).

Male variants of the Pokemon was something I had thought of, but it’s not a priority. I’d like to give the player the option of having all females/males or mixed in the game because I would image there are people out there who don’t find either gender weight gain attractive. But balancing is a biggy for me (so that means a lot of play testing. Yay!). I have a ton of ideas for this game, but I need to organize and plan out this development or I’ll be doing too much at once. After creating the first area, NPC’s, and Pokemon my priority is the combat which may take sometime to develop (learning JavaScript or finding plugins and learning how to use those…so JavaScript). Females are gonna be default across the board (except for player, and maybe the Professor and some NPC’s) for right now.


Unfortunately no. I had to stop working on it awhile ago because of online schooling and work. I don’t know when I’ll be able to resume my work, and it may still be awhile. I apologize.