Pokemon weight gain dungeon [ver 0.4.2a js test (2024/Apr/9)]

excited for more content to come, but cool to see the game grow outwards a bit (pun intended)

I’ve noticed a crash on a loaded save though, when I try to enter a dungeon, there’s an error thrown and nothing happens. I’m unsure if it happens with new saves; I realize now that I didn’t try that yet

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Hi! There haven’t been many updates lately, but I’m doing my best!
Right now, I’m implementing moves. I’ve only selected and implemented “basic” moves, but I’m still struggling with easily over 200 moves. So I have some thoughts, so I’d like to ask you some questions:

  1. Until now, I had planned to release 0.5.0a in two parts: a wip version that only implements moves & evos, and a complete version that also includes new stories, dungeons, etc.
    However, due to the amount of work involved in moves, I decided to split the wip further into wip1 of move, wip2 of evolution. This will allow you to play the new build faster, but it will require more work. (Because the data versions are not compatible).

  2. This is an announcement. I’m thinking of changing the title Poke… to PWGD. It’s a copyright game after all, also keep away from ordinary people to accidentally end up here.

  3. I’m thinking of creating my own discord server. Rather than this game, it’s more of a general server for the things I make. I think it might be easier to report small dev progress that way.

That’s all for now. So please wait a little longer until the next update…

Extra silly stuff


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