PWGD (Twine text dungeon RPG) [ver 0.5.0a-wip2.1 (2024/Jun/08)]

Hello and welcome to this page!

You will play as a pokemon that was once human, and you can freely explore this world. Explore the mystery dungeons and discover all sorts of things! Loot, traps, enemies, and more! (not so more in this version)
You can download(.html file) from here.

・Inspired by noone’s game
・While inheriting his game system, it will be remake to be more Pokemon (and PMD) like.
・Avoid 18+ scenes as much as possible and make the content all-ages friendly. (Although I know the theme of this game is already nsfw and the site itself is 18+…)
・In the future, I would like to allow you to modify and post this game. (not yet)

Things now have:
・Story, to end of chapter 2.
・5 species to play at first, unlock more to play!
・2 dungeons, with some event.
・Special event that that changes results by stats.
・Simple Hunger system that has digest to heal&gain, starving, overeating, belly size growth system.
・Basic stats and EVs system.
・Wip battle system.

I have some notes.
・This game contains a lot of unfinished content.
・This game has fat furs & weight gain content.
・This game contains bad English. Please look at it with a tolerant eye. (Everyone should know how bad I (Japanese) are at English.)
・To play, you need a folder called “pwgd_data” with the same version in the same location as the PWGD html file.

If you find any bugs in the game or would like to correct my English, feel free to comment. Bug reports are more helpful with screenshots.
We are also looking for event ideas. Events like the ones added this time where the results change depending on the status are welcome!

There is a FA post for this game too. Please check here too!
[v0.5.0a_wip2] PWGD by nir_tok – Fur Affinity [dot] net

My discord server:

Finally, thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoy it!


Came out 4 minutes ago, already interested, always love dìsomething from Twine


pokemon and weight gain lets goo cant wait for more of this


Loving this prototype so far!




This has much potential yis.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! Sorry for not replying anything. (because I didn’t know what to say…)


I always love the belly system in Mistery Dungeon and its always cute to see it in story and drawings but in a game by itself that pushes it further is something other that leaves me with very high hopes. Wish you the best of luck and cant wait to see this project grow!


Woah ho! This is mondo tubular, dude. Nuthin’ I can say that hasn’t already been said. This is epic beyond belief! Very excited to see how this project continues!!


This looks great so far! I’d love to help with writing/proofreading descriptions if you’re okay with it. I played noone’s Fatty Text Adventure Game quite a bit back in the day, and I’ve written a few stories of my own on FA, so I think I can help with some of the text in your game. Let me know if you’re interested!

In terms of feedback, I have a few suggestions:

  • The HP penalty for going over your belly’s capacity seems a bit slow to me. I’m not sure what math you’re using to determine the amount of HP you lose, but I think the damage you take should increase exponentially the more over capacity you are.
  • I’m not sure if this is planned or not, but Pokemon with different body shapes are probably going to need different sets of body descriptions, since some stand on four legs (Eevee and Bulbasaur) while others stand on two (Squirtle and Charmander). If you’re planning on adding more player Pokemon to this game, I’d suggest using the shape of a Pokemon according to its dex entry as a reference: List of Pokémon by shape - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia


Sorry for the lack of contact lately!
Also, I have a little message for you. Details in the FA post.

To put it simply, I’ve lost my motivation lately, so from now on I’m slowing down the development of this game, but I’m not going to give up on this project.


I’m also a fan of noone’s games, so I decided to make this game.

  • HP penalties currently increase linearly, so it may seem hard to increase. Also, the penalty is intentionally set low at this stage. I’ll do some balancing later, so I’m keeping things simple for now. To facilitate playtesting.
  • As for body shapes, I was just about to do it! So far, I’m thinking of dividing them into two-legged or four-legged, short-legged or long-legged, no-legged, spheres, snakes, and so on. Since there are a lot of patterns, I was thinking of shortening each description. …but if you want to write, of course!

No worries! Please, take your time. I’m really excited about this project but I can wait. :smiling_face:


Glad you will still try to develop more but go at your pace and enjoy doing other things so you can return to the project feeling fresh.


This has a lot of potential, I can’t wait to see where it goes! Here’s some suggestions:

  • Wild Pokemon should maybe be a little more common, at least for Exploring, even if not for Resting.

  • The apple tree event should maybe cost HP to hit the tree, in addition to what seems to be a more weight = more apples mechanic. Maybe to balance it, fat could increase the amount of damage you take from it, while muscle could decrease it.

  • It seems like stats are determined rather than added to. If that is the case, maybe make it so you can choose the level scale of the dungeon, even if just as a placeholder for future dungeons? Like, having the option to go to a level 6-9 version of the dungeon, then 10-13 etc. Just for grinding purposes anyway.

  • It looks like the training text, or at least the “you feel…” adjectives. Some suggestions would be “hardier” for HP, just “stronger” for Attack, “(more) resistant” for Defense, and “smarter”, “wittier”, or “(more) attuned” for special attack. I do like stable and swifter for the other two, but if you want more suggestions, maybe “focused” or “centered” for Special defense.

  • The belly percentage seems to be getting by 100? Also the number only seems to change on scene transition.

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Maybe you should outsource then if you’re having motivation troubles.

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A very long overdue update!
You can now buy things at the shop, and items and events have been added.
And Flatur fixed most of the 0.2.0 sentences! thank you! And sorry for making you wait 2 months…


nah its fine gaymer we dont mind waiting for this take all the time u can


Incredible! Take all the time you need. This rocks! Very happy to see a Cubone here. My favourite Pokémon!


By the way, if you ever need help with writing, I’m willing to help out with that! Very excited to see where this’ll go.

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