Pokemon weight gain game questions

Alright then buds, I figured it was about time I played my part to the community, so that’s why I am doing this poll. So a good clean while ago, there was a pokemon weight gain game called the pokemon village, which, was a fantastic one, for those of us who played it, and I want to make something kinda similar, again though, kinda. So I had an idea, but first, let me tell you about pokemon village, for those who didn’t play it, not going to spoil it, just what it was about. So, the idea is that you go on this journey, gain weight, of course, and you could pick almost any pokemon, be male or female, the whole package, but the problem was there was only one ending, and the pokemon you picked was basically just a nice title, and didn’t add much. Now, by no means am I saying this was a lazy thing to do, or the creator sucks, not at all, games are hard to make, even text games, so it’s fair in my opinion that it’s the way it is, but I want to make a bit of a different change.

The way my idea works, is that instead of every pokemon meeting the same fate, what about, let’s say, 4-6 pokemon with entire weight gain stories? So that’s what I’m doing here, making 4-6 pokemon weight gain stories, but, as you can probably tell by the topic title, I have some questions, and thanks to me becoming a full on member lately, I can make polls now, so yay!

Question 1: This one is kinda obvious, but I need to know which characters to add! So here is a list to choose from, and, if you noticed, for the tags I put female, AND male, the reason being is that normally I would make it male only, but that doesn’t seem fair to the other players who like female only, especially considering that this is one of the few pokemon weight gain games to exist, however, this will be slightly rigged, in that if one gender is only picked, say, only female charcters, I will get rid of half of them, and replace them with males, same goes for all males, and this is to give all players something to enjoy.

please pick up to
three characters:

Available characters
  • Leeroy, the klutzy squirtle boy
  • Avery, the amazing female machoke
  • West, the frightened gengar guy
  • Petunia, the caring snorlax mother
  • Jacob, the lazy ursaring king
  • Diego, the high energy slaking man
  • Winry, the abandoned cubone girl (she’s an orphan)
  • Tank, the depressed but mighty emboar man
  • Lily, the chubby anime loving audino woman
  • Shelia, the strict fraxure engineer lady
  • Paul, the goofy infernape dad
  • Carol, the cruel salazzle noble (it’s a woman, i’m sure you know that since salazzle is only female, but just in case)
  • Triston, the obese, wealthy, and incredibly kind furfrou
  • Laina, the kind lucario grandmother
  • Freddy, the bossy feraligator mine boss, who has a soft side (both figuratively, and literally uwu)
  • Kiana, the scrawny and fearless wailmer girl

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Please note that this poll will be ending on 12/29/2020 at 11:59 pm, so you have about a day to cast in the votes! (though, P might expand it’s time frame if not enough votes are in, or if it is requested, but I will only expand it another day, sorry.)

Question 2: so, this one is important as well, but should they be in different time frames, like Freddy in 1800’s, but Laina in the 1980’s? Or should they all be in the same time frame, like everyone is in 2020, but in different parts of the world?

Time frame
  • Different time frames
  • All one time frame

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Question 3: This is the last one at least for now, but would you want 18+ scenes? Now, keep in mind, if you do want that, I will never do it for the child characters, as that is just sick, and if I do it, for the adult characters, I will leave an option to it, as in, you don’t have to do it, and it is totally just a dumb little cutscene with no affect on the story, that way, if I did it and you didn’t want it, you don’t even have to do it.

All family friendly or some 18+ scenes
  • “Let’s keep this family friendly, now.”
  • “I’M HORNY BITCH!” (what my best friend said when I asked him this lol)

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Now, this is also a little rigged, in that for some characters, I may not actually really want to do it to them, so this is more of a, if 18+ wins, there is a chance a character will get it, but no guarantee, this just means that there could be a possibility that I give a character a skippable 18+ cutscene, but if it does win, I promise that at least 1 character will get a scene, just not all of them.

So, to conclude, these polls will be open till tomorrow at 11:59 pm, or maybe even a day afterwards if I feel like it is needed. Also, I do not own pokemon, and all rights go to Nintendo and Game Freak, this is just a little fetish game, and I am not trying to make a profit off their work. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask, because if it’s something important, I don’t want it to be too late, and I do mean any question. Please note that this will take some time, and might be 1-2 weeks before the first character gets pumped out to the public. There will also be ways to lose/fail, not too sure about death, but you can screw up and fail on the characters main journey. This is not a profit based game, and I will never try to sell it, just a fun little game that I wanted to make. I also plan on giving each of the chosen 4-6 characters at least three endings each, but this will be after the characters are made, so I will first make each character with one ending, then 2 endings each, then 3 endings, and if I feel like a certain character needs more, than I will add another, but 3 is the main goal. That’s about all for now, and until then, I hope you have a swell day! ;D


I wish you the best of luck as i really like the idea and hope for it to be sucessful. The only thing i would like to suggest is in case it might be easier for you even, instead of making 3 different characters with stories to go along, i think only having one, maybe choosing male or female for that character and on their journey they could find the others characters you created on the poll. You could decide their fate into gaining weight by certain choices but maybe nothing too detailed as that would be focused on the poll winner (the pokemon you would play as). All in all, i felt the previous game had very little agency on what you could do or not do and for story that is good but not for a “game”. If you can improve on that in whatever way you decide to do it, i think it would be great. Cheers.

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Sorry, but the characters hold no appeal to me…Either not the kind of Pokémon I’d want to see gain, or the wrong gender (male). I mean, Petunia sounds nice, but the rest…Not my thing. After that, I stopped reading.

The poor orphan sounds potentially cute…

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You’re doing yourself a disservice by polling. You shouldn’t limit yourself by what appears to be popular; just create what you’re passionate about while you still have the drive. Design by committee and trying to appeal to everyone will kill your motivation.


Well, thank you for the note, not a lot of people would tell the author to do what they want, so again, thank you!

But the main reason why I do it like this is so I give the community an equal chance, hence why I threw males and females in there, as this is more of a community project than anything.

Again though, thank you dearly for the care, and have a swell day! ;D

I and I assume others too have huge problems even getting motivation for doing stuff for others without knowing that there is interest in it.

Why bother, if I dont know if anyone would even want it?

Alrighty then, so the voting times are up! I decided I wouldn’t extend the time, as I originally thought only like 4 people would vote, but holy hell, even the vote about what time frame it would be, the lowest voted on, got a walloping 56 votes!

So any who, just gonna post a few thoughts about the whole thing here.

Right off the bat, gonna talk about the characters, jesus christ, I have a lot to say here. First off, ngl I was actually pretty surprised about petunia getting 3rd place, mostly because I thought she would get 1st place by a landslide, given the fact she’s a fat sweater snorlax mom, but at the same time, I guess it makes sense, as Lily’s whole purpose was to have a relatable character, since most people like anime a lot, so I guess it makes sense that she got 1st place. Another thing, I honestly thought Kiana would’ve been pretty low, but no, she got 4th place, which is nothing to sneeze at when there is 16 options! I also need to apologize, but Laina, wasn’t actually supposed to be an old grandma, but I was thinking about it, and I almost needed to. I mean, unless you hate dogs or only like guys, we all know you would’ve picked Laina on sight, no questions asked, because she is a lucario, so I had to add that fatal flaw to it, in order to balance it out a lot. As far as Jacob goes, fun fact, he’s based off of me in rl, mainly because my favorite pokemon are snorlax and gengar, but those were taken, so I choose ursaring, my 2nd favorite, I also adore medieval, on top of that, I’m actually pretty lazy, though most people are lol. Triston, whoa buddy this one shocked me, I mean, I knew males where at a disadvantage given the sexuality of most people here, but he got the third lowest, I mean, how; granted, you may have had a different view of this character, but this is what I kinda thought of:

(I didn’t make this, it was made by oreocakes, and all credit goes to them. Please go check them out on furaffinity, they’re awesome ;D)

Anywho, I doubt you thought of this, but I did, and some of you still probably wouldn’t have voted even if you thought of him like that, but I just wanted to show you my thoughts, cause I was shocked seeing him in 3rd place. I also was gonna add another character to the list, but I remembered them right after I posted, and I didn’t want to change up the votes, but you know how there is a female machoke, even though normally machokes look male? Well, I was gonna add a MALE gardevoir, in order to add that extra diversity. For those wanting to know his description, it was gonna be like this:

Gavin, the pompous gardevoir man.

And finally, and I am so, so, so sorry for this, but if you remember, I said I would take out a few characters if there was way to many of one gender, and replace it with another, well I decided to pick that I would do the top 6 characters for the game, but the problem is that only one male made it on, freddy, and even then, he just barely made it on, landing in 6th place, so that means I had to get rid one female character to be replaced by a male. I couldn’t pick Lily, Winry, or Petunia, as they made the top 3, so that left Kiana and Avery. Now, Kiana is ahead of Avery by 4%, but I ultimately decided that Kiana will be replaced, but I have a reason, trust me. So, I originally thought Kiana wouldn’t even touch the top 10 places, so I never really thought of a storyline for her, and even now, all I can really think of is an underwater temple, which would be great if this was some wattpad story, but this is a game, and I said I would give every character at least 3 possible endings to branch off the main quest, but I really don’t see much for Kiana. Avery, on the other hand, I won’t spoil anything, since she will be in the game, but I can easily think of a main quest for her, and at least 5 different endings off the top of my head, and I really sat down to write some, probably 8 or even 10, so I had to choose her, because, even though Kiana was higher up, she was only by a little bit, and she didn’t really have much of a, “fun” part in her gameplay, and even though Kiana was one of the few fearless characters, a good part of Avery is her bravery (damn, that rhymed to well) and so she can fill in the gap for a “tough” character easily. Now then, for those wondering who the male will be that replaces Kiana, it will be West, for a huge amount of reasons, like, and this is a big one, he was the second most asked for male, so obviously, it will be West, but if I needed another reason, there’s the fact that he is a gengar, a pokemon known for being nightmare fuel’s bitch, is actually a terrified little guy, and given the fact that we have a super brave character (Avery), having a super cowardly and scared one adds for a refreshing change when you are playing through all of the characters.

Jesus christ that was long, but that was the main part, as far as the other two polls go, I was actually prepared for the seperate timelines one, just in case, but I am glad y’all picked the one timeline option, it just makes it way easier. As with the 18+, I honestly expected it, lol. if you wanna know which characters will get a 18+ scene out of the 6 characters that got picked, I will list them here:


Lily will get an 18+ scene, maybe even a straight up sex scene, as she was the top pick, and with her personality, I see her being a little perverted deep down.
Winry won’t get one, cause she’s a kid
Petunia won’t get one, the reason being she is too wholesome, I almost see her as having a personality like Toriel, so I can’t really see her having a 18+ scene, and it’s the same on how I feel if Paul got picked, they are both to wholesome.
West will not be getting one because yeah I could get one with his personality, but I mean, his body shape kinda ruins it lol.
Avery might get one, I seriously am debating it, cause I would have to think long and hard about it, but at the same time, with her highly “dominant” personality, there is a very good chance she will get one, because that personality is perfect for 18+ scenes.
Freddy will get one, so that there will be a 18+ scene for us male lovers, but also his personality fits it, I mean, he is a boss, like a literal boss, as in, owns a company, so I see a good worker/boss relationship there, and since he’s such a tough guy, but has a huge soft spot, maybe it could be like he “opens up a little” kinda deal.

So those are my thoughts, and an insight as what’s to come, I also spent an hour and a half typing this, so that’s fun. Other than that, I hope you have a swell day! ;D

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As a side note, Lily will be the first one, as I legit just rolled a dice and got her lol.

So will the main characters only be female now?

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Not at all, the order is Lily, West, Avery, Winry, Freddy, and Petunia, the reason why there is more females than males is because the females where too requested, and most of the males where never really in demand, but Kiana got taken out, cause again, I didn’t think I could do much with her, so that’s why West made it in. Good question though!

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I knew the males would be destroyed and i was afraid it would be a female only game as well, like many others here. Thank you for adding at least a small amount of options and hope you have fun writing them. Best of luck.


Oh wow, the 3 I voted for got the top 3! Hahaha! How’d THAT happen? XD

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Heh, good for you, man!

Sorry to be slightly off-topic, but I’m a bit intrigued by this old Pokemon fat game, Pokemon Village. Was it a text-adventure game or something similar? Is it still around to be played somewhere?

yeah you can find it on this site.
i think i played it once and it was rather short from what i recall.

Thanks! Just found it. :slight_smile:

Alrighty tighty, so progress report!

I’ve gotten done with Lily and West, and I have the rough shape of Avery’s story finished, but I am polishing it for now. I also completely redid West’s story, cause it was a little to… “romantic” for a weight gain game. I was considering doing little pixel art of each character, mainly just so y’all can generally see what your character looks like, but for the past week I’ve done it, I only got like, maybe 6 out of the 17 I made that I liked so it’s a bit of a gamble now, but I’ll still give it a go. Now, while I am polishing Avery’s story and all, I decided to just try Winry, and there is a good little problem here.

How the hell do you right a weight gain novel for a starving orphan.

The best I can think of is she lands a spot in a real nice orphanage, but that’s about it. The only other thing I can think of, is her getting kidnapped, which I tried writing something down, but it just felt kind of wrong, and I mean, the idea might be done still, yes, but it’s a low chance.

So I’m not asking for y’all to write out Winry’s story for me, but if you have any rough ideas, like a plot or something, I would love to hear it, because right now with the orphanage one, well, I’m a little afraid it’s gonna end up pretty cheesy, like a 1980’s Christian movie.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with all the other characters, though, I do see Lily’s story possibly falling a little short, but we’ll see when I upload it, and I’ll probably adjust it a bit anyways. Currently, the one I am most confident about is Avery, and I really want to say why, but I can’t spoil it, so oof. I also see Freddy’s story coming out really good, as I got tons of ideas for him. Well, more like I have one story line, but I have tons of cool things I can put in there for him. In simple terms, I have a lot of options for him, so that’s something to look forward to!

Other than that, I hope whoever reads this has a swell day! ;D

An evil psychic or fairy type trying to offload their weight on the kids in the orphonage. Maybe even a whole business based on magically making you loose weight?

Have her be adopted, eat the foster parents entire food supply in a day and then be brought back again, meaning there is just enough time between adoptions for her to keep the weight but be near starving hungry again.

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Say, that’s pretty good! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, it would’ve made so much sense, thank you so much!