Poll: Monitor resolution and window/design layout

  • Box - 1024x768 or lower
  • Box - 1280x1024
  • Box - higher than 1280x1024
  • Widescreen - 1280x720 or lower
  • Widescreen - 1366x768
  • Widescreen - 1600x900
  • Widescreen - 1920x1080 or higher
  • Ultrawide - 2560x1080 or lower
  • Ultrawide - 3440x1440 or higher

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I’m tinkering with some widescreen redesigns for Fetish Master, but I know from firsthand experience that the interface builder doesn’t really adapt well when it needs to scale too far above or below its intended resolution. I’d like to get a bit of input on what most people here use, as a sample to see what works at common resolutions rather than testing everything.

I’d prefer the resolution of your monitor or laptop screen; phones aren’t really helpful as you won’t be playing it on one, short of using a remote desktop system or Steam Play.

Moved to the Fetish Master category as it is more related to one game then general game design.

You forgot about 5k resolution on iMacs.

It’s a standard widescreen ratio, and last I checked iMacs only actually run at 1440p by default, so ‘1920x1080 or higher’ covers it pretty nicely. I’m more worried about an expanded window and UI being too cramped on a smaller screen than I am about it being too blown-up on a large display, although trying to edit events on a Windows tablet with an iPad Retina display is not an experience I’d like to repeat.