[POLL] Should We Host Tainted Elysium?

So after a bit of talking with @kilif we started discussing spinning up a server to host the game Tainted Elysium since we have permission to do so. I have no problem spinning up a new server to host these games if there is interest so I thought I would make a poll here asking how many people here would like to see us host it. If we see enough interest we will get a server up.

  • Host Tainted Elysium
  • Dont Host Tainted Elysium

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Is there any difference than to playing the downloaded version?

@kilif knows more than I do but the main difference is you wont need to download it to play it.

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Nothing wrong with more wg games

Yeah more WG games are always good

This is the game that lead me to here. I love it so much, not just because of the fun had with it but also the gateway it opened up for me.

Sure, why not? If the cost is negligible, no harm doing so. Otherwise, I feel like hosting it for download would be sufficient.


I’d say, “Go for it.” :wink:

I agree with @KaptainKQ. I’ll freely admit I wasn’t a big fan (I positively loathe parasites), but a lot of people did like it, so if it can be hosted for cheap, might as well.

Does this mean content would be added/fixed?

Unfortunately no. Our only plans at the moment is to host it. If any work on it does occur it will only to be major bug fixes.

Will you be updating it?


My understanding is that Atticus has indefinitely suspended development since February 2018, and hasn’t made a peep about it since. I won’t try to characterize his reasons, because he wrote about them himself. Here’s the last log entry:

See my comment above

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