Poll: What's our feelings on Furries?

No option for “not a furry but have no opinion on them”? I’ve dated furries and their presence neither detracts from nor adds to my enjoyment of anything.

Also, we were all into Ninja Turtles and Thundercats back in the day, so it’s kinda weird to see the extremely different takes people grew up to have on it.


I avoid it if i can help it, but this fetish is niche enough that I’ll take what i can get most of the time.

I answered “Not a furry, not into them” but it’s complicated

Chubby furs (and only the chubby ones (I don’t hate them though)) are fine to me, pretty much the same as chubby humans, however, strangely enough, there’s specific circumstances where I actually find fat furs more appealing than humans. I don’t think describing these specifics is necessary but in short, it’s more or less related to size.
I’m basically almost in the same position as firesoul10, but since the poll seemed to aim just for furry without fat involved, I chose the “no, no” option.

I am impartial to anthro characters, though I myself am not a furry. I do however have many friends that are furries.

The art style and character design can contribute to me liking anthro characters less, but this is also the same for humans, it’s just more rare. Namely, the overdesigning/particular use of clashing/over the top colors I’ve seen in a lot of anthro characters have put me off, but besides that I am impartial one way or the other.

At the end of the day, something that’s not too realistic and/or over designed will get equal deference from me. I mostly look at and write for human-like characters most of the time because that universe (of my creation or otherwise) cannot reasonably support anthro characters en masse for whatever reason. If I am writing, or in general making something Undertale/Deltarune related for example, I am perfectly happy to reverse that trend.

I also understand however that just like for fat characters, some furries’ love of those kinds of characters may sometimes transcend that particular universe’s rules, and that’s alright too. I just personally don’t have a preference, so it is less important to me that I see a lot of one or the other, so I usually defer to the worldbuilding, and wherever that takes me I am happy to go.

Furry count on being a Sonic fan?

So…I’m okay, then?


I think Dingo put it best:

If you say you’re a furry, you are. If you don’t label yourself that, you aren’t. Simple as that.

If you want a more authoritative answer, if those are literally the only anthro characters you like probably no, but ultimately it’s a self prescribed label, so none of us can really answer you because it’s something you decide.

From your ref on FA, yes. No deference for or against. I don’t know why my opinion matters, though. :smile:

I just sort of dislike the bright colors I see sometimes everywhere in the anthro community. It’s a sort of pet peeve more than anything having to do with any fetish, or the specific idea of anthro characters. No offense to those who like it, or see it’s merits, but I usually use colors like that very sparingly.


Personally can’t stand furry art. Fine with it existing but I hate to see it

It’s a label one puts on themself.

I’m fine with furries, although I’m a bit indifferent

Eh, it’s just nice to hear someone preferring a more simple, unembellished design, even if it’s more of an indifferent tolerance than appreciation. Sometimes the natural look gives people the impression that I’m unimaginative, but the “boring” design was intentional. I don’t really feel the need to standout in appearance. My fursona is a visual representation of my spirit animal, and it’s my personality and identity that renders it unique.

Womp, womp (for me). It’s cool, though. My fursona serves the purpose of allowing me to interact more publicly with an avatar. I get to preserve some of my identity (hence my username) while getting to engage more with online communities. It just so happens that a lot of great WG writers and artists are on FA, so it made sense to dip my toes in the furry waters without going full “alter ego with a fursuit.” @madone, @Skinny_Guy, and @WonkyWankit are doing the right thing by making the best of what’s out there instead of making a scene over what’s out there.

As for the poll that started this conversation, I did not vote because I interpret “into” as either a visual preference (to which my answer would be “both equally”) or sexual preference (to which my answer would be “neither equally”–I’m ace). I’m with @FluffRat 's suggestion on how the poll could be reworked, and @dingotush 's definition of a “furry.”

Now to sign off. Uh…peace out?

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Not going out of my way to look at furry stuff but it doesn’t mean that it’s off the table.

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