Portal Stuffing ver 0.2 (TEXT VERSION): a text-based social simulator where you have the ability to stuff anyone at anytime

Most students appear in your class at 9:00


Major Update (11-18-2018)

Change Logs (10-30-2018)

Future Plans:

  • Revamp text display to scroll automatically and add colors
  • Make a dedicated forums for those who want to contribute their writing (cus I can’t write much)
  • Implement character backgrounds, goals, motivations, and the mechanics that allow those characteristics to change as the character’s weight changes
  • Intimacy and other relationship stats
  • Phone interface that allows texting and scheduling meetings
  • More dynamic events
  • 100+ stuffs that are too many to list


You are a new freshman, but on the first day of University, you recalled your memories as Ceres,the Greek Goddess of harvest and food. Dismayed at the scene of nearly everyone around you being much thinner and gawk than what you remembered in the prime days of the Greek Empire, you have decided to go on a crusade of fattening proportions, stuffing everyone in the world with food, starting with your university.

Your newfound ability is to be able to create small portals leading directly to your target’s stomachs so that you can deposit food inside without their knowing. Unfortunately, you cannot make food appear out of thin air. Earning money and buying more food and tools necessary for your crusade is a must.


To avoid the pitfalls of players stumbling on what words to use and what phrases to memorize, I have created lists for all important components (people, items, actions). By selecting a list object such as a person or an item, the available actions will be shown in the action list which you can execute. No need to memorize or guess your way through the game.

Mechanics (Mostly theoretical or planned):

The game is simple (for now), you can move freely between locations (classes,dorm room, shops, cafeteria, …) but each location has its own opening time. A pool of procedurally generated NPCs are generated for each new game, each with their own physique, personalities, and motivation. You can interact with the NPC mostly through talking (greetings, topic discussions) and actions (rubbing belly, …). You also will be able to text the NPCs (after you get their number) to schedule a meeting at one of the locations (library, cafeteria, …) so you can interact with them more, provided the intimacy level is high. I’m planning to give each NPCs their own personal place (apartment, dorm room, …) that they can invite the player over to stay for the night.

Each NPC has their own schedule to follow, though since most are students or professors, you will see them in class. After class ends, each of them has their own place to be.


Right now, I only got the basics done:

  • Playable framework
  • Dynamic Schedule system
  • Working action and dialogue system
  • Working shop to purchase items
  • Phone contacts for texting anyone at anytime
  • Dynamic traits system to make every person a unique individual

What’s missing? Everything!

Planned: Too many things to list, will update this in a few days.


I’m only a newbie CS student who can barely set aside a few hours everyday coding the project. My writing skills are questionable, and I also lack the time to write the needed colorful descriptions, dialogue, and actions. Also I need more ideas. Therefore, any help would be really appreciated.

Should I set up a forums to coordinate the writing and brainstorming process? I’ll make one in a bit.

I need more ideas! What tools/food/actions should there be? What kind of relationships/interactions (dating, revenge, pranks, …) should I implement?

One of the best part of the game (or so I hope) will be watching others reactions as their stomachs get stuffed with stuff while they’re doing something, such as playing tennis or teaching a class.

Lastly, I’m fine to any kink so please be open with your ideas.


Is the font size too small? I’ll try to make it bigger.
What other locations do you want me to add (cafeteria, library, …) ?
Do you want events/descriptions during traveling between places?


This sounds very interesting. You have my attention. I’m definitely on board with both convincing NPCs to let you stuff them and stuffing them without their knowledge. Also, do you plan to include sex as a possible interaction? If so, how would that contribute or tie in with the stuffing mechanics?

Besides stuffing and weight gain, my personal kinks include breast expansion, lactation, breastfeeding, and cum inflation. If you don’t have an issue with that level of explicit content, there are plenty of ways that all of those could play a part in making people gain weight.

I have frequently thought about this but never thought anyone else did I’m very interested in trying this later on!

Is it possible for the player to gain weight him/herself?

Looks pretty neat, so far! Good luck making it a little deeper, as time goes on.

As one point of criticism, I don’t think selecting a person is intended to show us their internal functions?

Well after reading the whole thing it seems really nice!
And on the topics of kinks, perhaps a settings option that lets you disable certain kinks? I.E. Assign each interaction a kink variable and filter out options with those variables?
And for new fetishes why not navel play?

Unless you are talking about the actual source code, then that might have been intended as the player is the reincarnation of… you know… a goddess.

Yes! I’ll treat the player with the same mechanics as the NPCs

Sorry, there are no system to build dynamic descriptions yet, I’m bad at writing lewd stuff, was hoping someone would help :smiley:

Right now the description will literally show everything within an object (person, item)

Yes, yes, and yes. I’m thinking of upgrading the game system to allow the player to connect with target orifices and do whatever they want. A fun idea would be to create portal toys such as fleshlights that are actually portals connected to target’s orifices and any users will dump the cum into them. Also ejaculation have pretty high caloric content.

Oh wait, do you perhaps mean normal sex? That depends on whether I get the writing help to write such scenes.

I might be able to write lewd stuff

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Awesome! Tell me what topics you want to write about, what turns you and your writing passion on? :3

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Yes! I’ll treat the player with the same mechanics as the NPCs

With that answered, I also question if such self-immobility is possible.

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Only if you want to give yourself a game-over :stuck_out_tongue:

With me being a bit a bookworm, I’m curious. Of course this would mean spoilers, so you don’t mind DMing me that?

There are no spoilers, I don’t have the roadmap set in stone yet. Maybe you can help think of what the player can do to influence others and themselves

What if, in keeping with your deification theme, the player character accrued a “Divine Power” resource instead to allow them to create resources like food and tools, as well as expanding their powers beyond minor translocation?

How would the player acquire the divine power?

Possibly a mid-game thing: You can research Ceres, and learn about a number of practices/symbols associated with them. To this end, you’d establish a nnumber of hidden shrines/altars to yourself around campus, particularly where you exercise most of your power, siphoning energy from your victim’s digestion.

Researching Ceres would be a nice narrative hook, anyway

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I was thinking a daily tick with more power being gained based on the previous cycle’s events ex: certain weight gain milestones being reached, spending time at a shrine kq suggested- bonii could be multiplicative to encourage a “combo” effect so players will save up their resources and plan a strategy for one big payoff. Maybe utilize other parts of Ceres’ portfolio, like agriculture, could have a harvest moon style thing going with the campus greenhouse/horticulture center.

When I wrote that post, I was just thinking of normal interpersonal sex that may or may not result in some form of stuffing or weight gain. That said, what you’re describing here sounds even better.

Although, I have to wonder, if the player character is a Goddess who can ejaculate semen, does that mean she’s a futanari or hermaphrodite? Alternatively, does she start out as a female but gain a penis later by unlocking a certain upgrade or perk?

Please, continue working on it! I love it and I can barely imagine all the great things you could do with your game! Even in this form, it plays great. I can only imagine it will get better with time.
Keep it up!